Maximizing Coworking Spaces as a Freelance Lawyer

coworking spaces
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This may be one of the main draws of a coworking space. Before this trend, it was quite difficult for a freelance lawyer to have their own space to meet their respective clients. And while most people think coworking spaces are just about renting desk to work at, they also have meeting rooms that can be rented out as well.

What’s great about these meeting rooms is they are not just your run-of-the-mill spaces. Certain areas in coworking spaces are designed with your clients in mind. Industrious points out how these beautiful and professional spaces can impress even your toughest partners and clients, which is an essential part of succeeding as a freelance lawyer. Just remember to visit the space before your meeting to determine if it’s appropriate, or if the equipment you need for a presentation is there. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that depending on how popular the coworking space is, you may need to reserve the room weeks in advance. So consider this option the next time you set-up a meeting with a potential client.

Utilize the Equipment

We’ve already discussed how beneficial the amenities of coworking spaces are in our article on Why You Should Run Your Practice From a Coworking Space, but let us expand on this point as they’re certainly not something to be overlooked. Other than having a space for your practice, coworking spaces also give you access to amenities that standard offices are equipped with.

As a freelance lawyer, you now have access to photocopiers and scanners, both of which will prove vital when making copies and sending documents. One thing to take note of when using them is to take the necessary precautions with communal printers and scanners, as they could be vulnerable to data breaches. One way to get around this issue is through the use of private printing, which requires a four-digit pin along with a matching username and the name of the document to access the file. Private printing also gives you the option to delete the document as soon as you’re done.

Venue for Networking

Coworking spaces aren’t just for conducting business, as they’re also one of the best places to expand your network. Inc documents that networking is far more organic in coworking spaces as compared to events strictly for networking. Coworking spaces tend to bring like-minded individuals together, thus giving them common ground where they can start to build a connection.

It also helps you as a legal professional that many businesses and freelancers congregate at coworking spaces. Deel suggests that freelancers often need to draw up agreements to ensure that they are protected and are paid on time. This can then be the start of a mutually beneficial working relationship between you and the various freelancers you encounter within your coworking community.

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