MG+M Welcomes Partner Benjamin D. LaFrombois in Chicago

Ben LaFrombois
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CHICAGO, IL—MG+M The Law Firm (MG+M) is pleased to welcome Benjamin D. LaFrombois to its Chicago office. He is a member of the Wisconsin Bar. LaFrombois joins the firm as a transactional partner focusing on mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, commercial finance, commercial real estate development and business succession planning.

LaFrombois counsels clients in identifying and leveraging their most valuable assets, creating the most effective path to achieving client goals. He has guided large teams through complex client acquisition and debt restructuring processes and has led the development of private and public strategic initiatives—such as convention center development and regional distribution centers. He also advises individual clients on transfers of wealth, tax savings, marital property and charitable planning.

LaFrombois frequently speaks on business law and finance; management and strategic direction of multi-disciplinary projects; mergers and acquisitions; and the management of private and public strategic initiatives.

He was previously a shareholder and partner at national law firms, served as vice president and general counsel of WOW Logistics Company, and was in-house counsel at Ingles Markets, Inc.


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