Mistakes to Avoid After a DWI in Montco

How to Prepare Yourself for a DWI New York State Case

If you are among those who believe that getting a DWI in Montgomery County should not be taken seriously, you should think again. Getting a DWI has a lot of consequences, including losing your license and serving jail time. Aside from that, you can also pay a higher premium for your insurance and even lose your job. If you want to make sure that you won’t end up in trouble, avoid these mistakes:

Failing to Hire an Experienced DWI Lawyer

One of the most crucial mistakes that individuals make about DWI is not hiring a lawyer who is knowledgeable about DWI laws. You have to remember that your representation should be able to defend you well and if they are not experienced enough or knowledgeable about the local laws, it would be harder for them to represent you. If you feel that you can save more money by hiring a general lawyer, you are wrong. You have better chances of winning your case if you have someone reliable enough to take your side.

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Being Rigid on Your Stand

Some individuals would instead choose to stand by their innocence, even if the evidence presented against them proves their guilt. Sometimes, settling for a reduced punishment or charge is better than going to trial, where your chances of winning are low. Always remember that your DWI lawyer is most knowledgeable and would know the best approach to take in your case.

Refusing to Take DWI Chemical Testing

When you are caught driving while intoxicated in Montgomery, refusing to undergo chemical testing, such as a breathalyzer, can have severe consequences. The mere refusal can be interpreted as a sign of guilt and can be used against you should you go to trial. Should you submit yourself to testing, and the result is used against you, you allow your lawyers to challenge the validity and accuracy of the results. Your lawyer can also have the chance to identify if any of your rights were violated during the process. If proven, the result cannot be used as evidence.

Guilt Admission

As any lawyer would advise, never admit guilt. In Montgomery County, you cannot admit guilt and hope that law enforcement agents would reward your honesty by letting you off the hook. When you are pulled over, provide your license and registration without questioning the order. It is best to remain silent. You have every right to refuse to answer any questions that may implicate you further.

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Failure to Attend Scheduled Court Hearings

If you have a scheduled hearing, attending them religiously is your best bet at securing a favorable judgment. Attend a preliminary meeting and arraignment. Failure to attend your arraignment would give the court the reason to issue a warrant of your arrest.

Driving Using a Suspended License

If you are arrested and convicted of DWI, your license can be suspended. If you continue driving with a suspended license and you are caught, you may be required to pay fines and penalties. You also risk lengthening the suspension of your driver’s license.

When you find yourself in a DWI situation, you have to prepare yourself for a stressful process. You will either lose the luxury of driving freely, and you also have to undergo tedious court processes and paperwork. You also have to attend alcohol safety meetings should you be found guilty of the offense.

The penalties you have to pay would vary depending on your past record and the resulting Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level. Once caught, it is vital for you to understand the DWI court process in Montco, so you would know what to expect should your trial start.

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