MNAPABA Assembles Working Committee for Outreach to Minnesota’s AAPI Community

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN—In light of the heightened violence and hate attacks against the AAPI community, the Minnesota Asian Pacific American Bar Association (MNAPABA) is putting together a working committee to spearhead outreach to Minnesota’s AAPI community, as well as a designated resources page on our website to steer our community towards support in these difficult times. We welcome everyone, including allies, to be a part of our outreach efforts and to engage and share in the discourse regarding the increased anti-AAPI racism, discrimination, and violence. We recognize that many of our local AAPI organizations are already doing this important work. As a result, where we can collaborate and support these organizations, we would like to do so, including leveraging our expertise as lawyers. As the National Association of Asian American Professionals has stated, “We also recognize that the pain and loss that Asian Americans are experiencing is not isolated from the suffering of other communities of color. We must proactively work together towards finding justice for members of all communities, while coming together to act as a unified people.”

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