Motoring Offence Dos and Don’ts

motoring offence
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If you have been caught committing a motoring offence, it is important to handle it the right way. You do not want to have to pay higher than necessary fines and accrue points on your licence that could be avoided. It is all too easy for those points to build up quickly. You could easily sleepwalk into losing your driver’s licence.

So, whether you have just received a notification or are already at the stage where the case against you has reached Court, for example by way of a single justice procedure, you should read on.

Never ignore the notices

The worst thing you could do is to ignore official notifications. Doing so will only get you into even more trouble. Motoring offences do not just go away. The longer you ignore them the worse your problems will be.

Take action as quickly as possible

As soon as you are notified, deal with the issue in full. This ensures it does not keep on being moved down your to-do list until you run out of time to take action. If you do that your options will narrow and the outcome will be worse for you than it really needs to be.

Review your options

Regardless of the type of motoring offence you have been accused of, you should go online and research what your options are. You can obtain a brief overview of what your options are by reading articles written by legal professionals. But do make sure that the information contained within them is up to date. The traffic laws and processes surrounding their enforcement change far more often than you think.

Seek professional help

Once you have a rough idea of what the options are, you will be better placed to find a lawyer who can help you to proceed in the right way. You will not always need to hire one. But, for the more serious offences, it is a good idea to have qualified legal professional in your corner.

An experienced motoring offence lawyer will be able to guide you properly should your case go to court. Having the right advice is particularly important if there is a risk of your losing your licence. It does not take long to accrue enough points for that to happen.

Take the matter seriously

Investing a little time and money into avoiding having points build up on your licence is really worth doing. If you are in any doubt, just stop and think for a moment about how your life would change if you could not drive.

Being without a licence for even a few months could potentially have a devastating and potentially long-term negative impact on your life. For example, your ability to take on employment further afield is likely to be limited.

You would also have to spend a lot of money on public transport and taxis. As well as waste a lot of your time waiting at bus stops and on stations. Being able to just get in your car and go is something few of us truly appreciate until we are unable to do so.

You also need to bear in mind that having penalty points can make your insurance more expensive. Car hire fees can also go up. In both cases, the more points you have the higher the costs will be.

Be sure to comply

Regardless, of the outcome of an appeal or court case, it is important that you comply in full. Failure to do so could result in further fines or more points.

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