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When it comes to e-correspondence, the choice is abundant. From the most formal to the most casual, mail clients differ in their functionality and features. However, few are suitable for professional business communication, and Outlook is the ultimate favorite.

Corporate correspondence requires security and a professional look. Incredimail, for instance, is irrelevant in formal settings. Thunderbird is free but insecure. The transfer is logical, and it is best done with the help of email conversion software on Here is why.

Why Manual Methods Often Fail

It all would be easy if all clients saved messages in the same format. However, this is not the case. There is EML for Tbird, PST for Outlook, MBX for Outlook Express, and many more. Conversion is best done via a special utility.

Due to the clash of formats, manual attempts often fail. Users risk losing or damaging their data in the process. This threat is real, and even though the Internet is rife with manual guides, such procedures are best avoided as:

  • the procedures are time-consuming;
  • there is no guarantee of success;
  • any errors will result in data loss or damage;
  • often, you need to understand IT jargon.

Example: Relocation from Tbird to Outlook

Without dedicated software tools, the transformation requires many steps. You need to convert MBX into EML and then to PST for Outlook to read the files. The problem lies with a client’s functionality.

None of them comes with export tools that enable conversion. It is possible to try manual methods via drag-and-drop or IMAP. Not only all methods are incompatible with the last edition of Outlook, but they are also unsafe.  You can never be sure that your files will stay intact in the process of transfer.

Dedicated Tools

The wisest way to conduct the relocation is by use of specialized software. The need for transfer implies that the content of the messages is valuable. Hence, you would not like to lose any bits of the data. A tool like Outlook transfer products targets certain types of sources, from EML to Gmail to Mac Mail.

 1. It saves time

With this facilitation, all it takes is a few clicks. Instead of going through lengthy manual paths, you can delegate the job to a professional tool and relax. There is no need to search for source files on your machine, everything is handled automatically.

2. It is reliable

Accuracy of conversion is essential. Manual approaches often fail due to the format incompatibility. Sometimes, you will need to install a converter anyway. Transfer utilities, on the other hand, minimize the probability of errors.

3. Understandable UI

The interface is intuitive and clear even for newbies.

4. Data protection

When tasking any third parties with the transfer, the data may be leaked. An officially licensed tool that runs on your own computer eliminates the threat.


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