NC Courts Launch Free, Online Doc Prep Tool

Cheri Beasley
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RALEIGH, NC—SCONC Chief Justice Chief Justice Cheri Beasley announced the NC Judicial Branch has launched eCourts Guide & File, a new service that allows attorneys and the public to prepare court documents online in just a few easy steps. With free, 24/7 online access and easy-to-understand interview questions, Guide & File will eliminate barriers and simplify the legal process for the hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who come to court without an attorney.

With Guide & File, users complete a three-step process. a) An online interview guides the user through a series of online questions and, much like popular tax-filing software, each answer helps determine what the next question will be, b) Using the information provided, Guide & File automatically creates the appropriate legal documents, and c) Completed form(s) are then printed and ready to be filed with the clerk of court, either by mail or in person. For more information go to

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