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The Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar Association (PBCHBA) is an association of attorneys, paralegals and members of the judiciary who are dedicated to providing legal resources for the Hispanic community, promoting the development of leadership skills among Hispanic professionals, and fostering unity among Hispanic and non-Hispanic members of the legal community.

Six years ago, our association established a leadership award to be given to the person who best exemplifies the mission of our association through his or her legal or volunteer work. We chose to name the award, and the reception honoring the award recipient, after a past member and continued supporter of our association, Chief Justice Jorge Labarga, who is a true leader in the Hispanic community and epitomizes what many of us aspire to be or accomplish in our professional and personal lives.

As the president of the PBCHBA, it was my honor to introduce Chief Justice Labarga at this year’s luncheon, who in turn presented the Labarga Leadership Award to this year’s recipient, a phenomenal person and attorney, Jill Hanson. Ms. Hanson, in addition to maintaining her own practice here in Palm Beach County, dedicates a great deal of her time to a community organization called El Sol, which provides assistance to local Hispanic workers and their family members. Although she is American-born and was raised speaking only English, Ms. Hanson made it her goal to learn how to speak Spanish so that she could better assist her Spanish-speaking clients through El Sol.

The PBCHBA would like to thank Chief Justice Labarga for continuing to support our association and particularly our annual luncheon reception, and would like to congratulate Jill Hanson on receiving this well-deserved award. Her dedication to, and advocacy on behalf of, the Hispanic community in Palm Beach County is unmatched, and she is a role model for all legal professionals in our community. Christa McCann

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