Pond Lehocky Execs to Speak About Workplace Culture at Innovation Festival

Jackie Donovan, Jennifer Heinz and Corinne Bolaños

PHILADELPHIA, PA—Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano executives Jackie Donovan, Jennifer Heinz and Corinne Bolaños will participate at the upcoming B.PHL Innovation Fest, presenting a session titled “C-suite squad goals: How millennial women are innovating workplace culture with an assessment test.”

Donovan is Pond Lehocky’s chief operations officer, Heinz is its chief human resources officer and Bolaños is its chief marketing officer. Together, they are three-fifths of the firm’s executive committee. The trio will be joined by Holly DePalma, a business consultant who specializes in helping organizations optimize their talent using the Predictive Index.

The session will focus on how Pond Lehocky is innovating and invigorating its corporate culture by using the Predictive Index, which utilizes psychometric testing to understand what motivates employees and drives their performance.

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