Suing My Insurance Company for Denying My Hurricane Damage Claim in Louisiana

Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that insurance companies in Louisiana are not on our side. The adjuster’s goal when coming out to investigate your hurricane damage is to find some way where they can pin the damages on something not under their coverage to deny the hurricane claim altogether. Sometimes even the smallest mistakes can justify their denial, so make sure you avoid the top mistakes when filing a hurricane damage claim. There are many reasons insurance companies deny hurricane damage claims; the most common reasons are below.

Examples of the Main Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Hurricane Claims in Louisiana

  • Lack of coverage. This happens most when insurance companies report the damage is caused by another element, such as a flood. As floods are not generally covered, this is the number 1 reason they use to get out of a claim.
  • There is not enough documented evidence to prove a hurricane caused the damage.
  • There is not enough documented evidence of the costs for repairs. Make sure to hire a contractor that has a license and document the entire process.
  • Policy coverage is too low. If the cost to repair your home is too high, then your coverage maximum will be met.
  • You did not maintain the damages properly. Make sure to protect your home from extra exposure to weather conditions. Insurance companies love to deny the claim by saying you did not try to mitigate the damages.
  • The damages were pre-existing. If you live in an area likely to get hit by major storms, it is a good idea to document your property once a year. Then when a storm comes, you will be able to prove the damages caused by the storm were not pre-existing.

Insurance Companies Our Attorneys Have Helped Sue in Louisiana for Denied Hurricane Damage Claims

(If you see your insurance company below and they have denied coverage, reach out today (504-547-6376)! We can help you through this process and get you the money you deserve. We are taking in Hurricane Ida cases daily.)

  • 21st Century Insurance
  • Access Home
  • Accessible Insurance
  • Aegis Security Insurance Company
  • AIG Property Casualty Company
  • Allied Trust Insurance Company
  • Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company
  • American Bankers Insurance Company (Assurant)
  • American National Property and Casualty Company
  • American Reliable (Global Indemnity)
  • American Strategic Insurance/Progressive
  • Americas
  • Anchor Insurance
  • Arch Insurance Company
  • ASI
  • Aspera Insurance
  • Associated Industries Insurance Company Inc.
  • Assurant
  • Assurant/United National/American Reliable
  • Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company
  • Bankers Specialty Insurance Company
  • Bernhardt Insurance Company
  • Blackboard Insurance Company
  • Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company
  • Cabrillo/Palomar Speciality
  • Capital
  • Centauri Insurance
  • Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s London
  • Chubb
  • Colony Insurance Company
  • Covenant Underwriters LLC
  • Covington Specialty Insurance Company
  • Dover Bay (State Farm Fire and Casualty Company)
  • Encompass Insurance
  • Evanston Insurance Company
  • Excalibur National Insurance Company
  • Farm Bureau of Mississippi
  • Fednat Insurance Company
  • Foremost (Farmers)
  • Geico
  • GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company
  • Global Indemnity Group
  • Great American Insurance Company
  • Great Lakes Insurance SE
  • Gulf States Insurance Company
  • Gulfstream
  • Home First Agency
  • IAT Insurance
  • Imperial Fire & Casualty
  • Independent Specialty Insurance Company
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Kemper Preferred
  • Kemper Speciality
  • Kin Insurance
  • Lexington Insurance Company
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Liberty Personal Insurance Company
  • Lighthouse Excalibur Insurance Company
  • Lloyds of London
  • Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
  • Louisiana Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance
  • Maison Insurance Company
  • Maxum Indemnity Company
  • MetLife
  • Mt. Hawley Insurance Company
  • National General Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
  • Northlight Specialty Insurance Company
  • Occidental Fire and Casualty Company
  • Ocean Harbor
  • Orchid
  • Other
  • Palomar Specialty Insurance Company
  • Penn America Insurance Company
  • Progressive Property Insurance Company (ASI)
  • QBE
  • Republic Underwriters Insurance Company
  • RLI Insurance Company
  • RPS-Risk Placement Services
  • Safeco Insurance Company of Oregon
  • Sagesure
  • Scottsdale Insurance Company
  • Security Plan
  • Service Insurance Company
  • SFI-Southern Fidelity Insurance Company
  • Shelter Mutual Insurance Company
  • State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
  • State National Fire Insurance Company
  • TapCo
  • The Burlington Insurance Company
  • The Hartford
  • Third Coast Insurance Company
  • Tower Hill Insurance
  • TPI
  • Travelers Property and Casualty Company of America
  • Trisura Specialty Insurance Company
  • Underwriters at Lloyd’s London
  • United National Insurance Company
  • United Property and Casualty Insurance Company
  • USAA
  • Wells Fargo Bank Insurance
  • Weston Specialty Insurance Company
  • Wilshire Insurance Company
  • Wright Flood Insurance
  • Zurich

When Do You Know It Is Time to Hire an Attorney to Help Sue Your Insurance Provider?

The right time to hire a hurricane damage attorney is before you even think you need one. The insurance process is a game; if you are not constantly learning the new moves, you will be taken advantage of and not get the claim amount you deserve.

Once hurricane damage is present, the time is right to reach out to a Louisiana hurricane damage attorney to represent your case. Hurricane attorneys have repeated this process thousands of times and have an exact formula to follow. Don’t think you can be the hero of your disaster. Call one of our hurricane attorneys in Louisiana today for a free case evaluation at (504)-547-6376.

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