Need To Raise Your Online Visibility? How to Dramatically Increase Your Presence Without Putting a Dent Into Your Marketing Budget

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Today’s business environment requires practicing attorneys to take advantage of online marketing opportunities. While search engine optimization and pay-per-click services guarantee increased traffic, the fees could be thousands of dollars a month.

Many attorneys have profited from cost-effective web-based platforms that deliver measurable results and are practically free. The following are tactics that could save you time and money. Get Your Firm on the Map

According to the major search engines, 97% of consumers search for local services online. Google Places for Business and Yahoo! Local are free platforms that help people find, rate and recommend firms.

Subscribe to Social Media

The top free social media platforms for lawyers are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. For example, LinkedIn has various industry groups tied to professional organizations, as well as applications to upload PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and other marketing materials so they can be shared across your network.

Create a Blog

Free blogging platforms like WordPress are designed with search engine optimization in mind so blog pages often place higher than websites. Several services have contemporary templates with easy-to-use features that rival static website sites.

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Updating blogs require time, thought, and energy. The length and frequency of your posts depend on the blog’s tone and its audience. Are you casual or more formal? Are you addressing consumers or corporate counsel?

If you offer consumer tips and self-help guides, you should present your points straightforwardly. If you are discussing matters loaded with information, you might want to elaborate on the important legal aspects.

Your schedule will also dictate how often you post. If your blog requires frequent updates, you should consider shorter posts, Q&A’s, and videos.

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Use Free Press Release Distribution Services

The leading services distribute press releases to the media and publish them on Internet news sites ranging from $250 to $500 per release. While paid distributions are recommended for major announcements, other news items could be submitted to the more than 60 free services like PRLog. They also allow users to create online pressrooms and select key words to boost placements on top search engines.

Link Online Resources Together

The easiest way to keep content fresh among all the online platforms is to link them. For example, press release distribution services could automatically post the updates to your blog and social media. There are free applications like Hootsuite that manage all of your social media in one place.

In addition to being cost effective, most of these online services provide important analytics to manage your online strategy such as daily activity and top search terms.

Remember, the most important aspect of a successful online marketing campaign is quality content. Consider the following:
• What is your niche?
• What markets are you trying to reach?
• What are the legal trends affecting your clients?
• Do you have an opinion on a proposed industry regulation?
• What have you accomplished as a member of a professional or charitable organization?
• Do you have news that the traditional press won’t cover?

Answering these questions could help you create material that your audiences will want to read.

Free online resources should be incorporated into your business development strategy, as they will increase the firm’s visibility by reaching potential clients and expanding referral sources.

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