Redgrave LLP Forms Innovative Restructuring Discovery Team

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CHICAGO, IL—Redgrave LLP, the national law firm focused on addressing complex legal challenges that arise at the intersection of the law and technology, has formed one of the only Restructuring Discovery teams in the country. In this space, Redgrave works closely with law firms and turnaround advisors on all types of restructurings, acting as subject-matter professionals in the areas of discovery and information governance.

The Redgrave team handles all aspects of restructuring discovery, both pre-petition and after a bankruptcy has been filed, and advises both debtors and creditors, as well as consultants and judicial groups. As discovery counsel, Redgrave works hand-in-hand alongside merits counsel, handling all of the data identification, preservation, collection, review, and production efforts. Discovery in and around restructurings also requires complex privilege analyses. Redgrave attorneys have unique knowledge in the area of attorney-client and other privileges and protections for which clients have relied on for years.


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