Safety Driving Guidelines You Need to Remember to Avoid Road Accidents

safety driving guidelines
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Insurance premiums go whenever drivers have an accident. It doesn’t matter whether it was a minor fender bender or an accident with injuries. One way to prevent the escalation of insurance costs is to drive safer. Here are a few tips on driving to avoid road accidents.

Don’t Be In A Hurry

Waiting until the last minute to leave home causes a lot of accidents. The driver may end up driving too fast for conditions. For example, it could be raining or snowing which makes the highway slick. Further, driving at a high rate of speed means there’s less time to react to a hazard. Additionally, why not fight a ticket if you feel an accident is not your fault? It’s a good idea to contact a Corpus Christi accident attorney.

Be Sure to Maintain Your Car

Neglecting car maintenance causes a lot of accidents. Change tires with slow leaks before a blowout occurs. A driver is not in control of the vehicle during a blowout. You can hurt yourself and others. Make sure the brakes are in good shape. Experienced drivers should be able to tell if the brakes need work. The tiniest problems need to be repaired. You may not be able to see out the windshield if the wipers are broken. Likewise, the turn signal needs to be working at all times. Someone can crash into the back of the vehicle if they don’t know you’re turning.

Be Aware of Blind Spots

Adjust the mirrors so the entire road is visible. Keep in mind there are blind spots. Further, look before changing lanes. Keep your eyes on the road and look past the car directly in front of you. This gives the driver more reaction time. Be aware that tractor-trailers have blind spots. Don’t drive too close to the truck in order to avoid the blind spot.

It’s Not Always Smart to Drive

Mature individuals know when they cannot drive safely. Don’t drive if you’ve had too much to drink. DUIs have serious consequences including fines and jail time. In many instances, a DUI results in an accident where someone is injured. Moreover, sleepy drivers are very dangerous. It’s better to delay a trip and get some sleep.

Stay off the Phone

Distracted driving comes in many different forms. One of the most common causes of distracted driving is texting. Interestingly, texting and driving cause more accidents than drinking and driving. Additionally, it’s against the law in many states. It’s the driver’s responsibility to watch the road and avoid putting passengers in danger. Many states have laws about talking on the phone and driving. It’s a good rule just to stay away from the phone while behind the wheel.


These devices are very popular but they get drivers in trouble. You can’t give the road your full attention while punching in addresses and watching little arrows. Why not let your passenger be in charge of the GPS? It would definitely be a lot safer out there. There are those who get distracted trying to find music on the radio or putting in a CD. Do these things before getting on the road.

Everyone has to get from Point A to Point B. Driving is definitely a necessity. However, safety should come first. Learn the steps you can take to avoid car accidents.

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