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Is Microaggression the ‘It’ Word of the 2020s?

In a 2019 article published in JAMA, Drs. Torres, Salles and Cochran contend that physicians must recognize and react to microagressions in surgery. As those

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West Virginia v. EPA addresses the authority granted to the EPA under which Act? 

WRONG! The Clean Power Plan rule was issued under the authority of the correct Act. It is in question whether it exceeds the authority of the Act. 

CORRECT! The Clean Air Act was enacted in 1963 and has been amended many times since. Section 111 is in question in this case.

WRONG! The Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule replaced the Clean Power Plan in 2018. 

WRONG! The National
Ambient Air Quality Standards is a program under the correct Act that was used as an example by the Government in its argument. 

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