Should Religion Influence Your Choice of Lawyer?

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While many of us are drawn to others of the same religion, should it influence all our choices? Should we all be searching for Jewish lawyers near me or Catholic dentists in Seattle? In terms of expertise, any denomination should be able to satisfy your requirements but is it simply a case of feeling more comfortable with those who you know practice the same religion as you or is there more to it?

Keeping It Local

There is a general view that by engaging lawyers who are the same religion as yourself is effectively supporting your local community. The largest, corporate law firms in the country tend to have a mix of denominations so potential clients can opt to see a certain creed. In an opinion poll to see who would factor in religion when choosing a personal injury lawyer, 80% of those following the Jewish faith said they would. That’s a huge amount compared to 48% of Catholics and 31% of protestants that said they would factor in religion. Interestingly, when it came to ethnicity, 90% of Italian Americans said they would hire a lawyer with the same heritage.

Keeping the Faith

There were several reasons given by the 80% who said they would prefer to hire a Jewish lawyer. These ranged from being able to make small talk in order to get to know their lawyer better to believing that a lawyer of the same faith would get them a better result in court. The former does make sense for any denomination as there’s nothing worse than awkward silences, but in reality, the latter shouldn’t really come into the equation. To become a practicing lawyer in the United States there are exams that everyone has to sit in order to qualify.

Where To Find Such Lawyers

The Internet has made this so much easier than it used to be. Click on any lawyers’ website and you will find a biography. This gives you an insight into the lawyer’s life away from the office and will invariably include details of which church or synagogue they attend. They will be proud to reveal this information as it gives potential clients an insight into their lives away from the office and makes them more approachable. You will also see many images of them both at work and play, all aimed to make you feel like you know them before you walk through their office door. And it works very well.


If you are in a situation where you need to engage the services of a lawyer you should get the same care and attention whether you are the same religion or not. In many countries, such as the UK, religion plays a very small part in choosing a lawyer and is largely reserved for ethnic minorities. That said, if you are feeling uncomfortable about meeting with a lawyer for the first time, or the case is of a sensitive nature, having somebody on your side who attends your synagogue can make things much easier.

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