Should You Talk to The Police Before a Lawyer About an Injury Claim?

Should you talk to the police before a lawyer about an injury claim

Not at Fault? Why Pay?

The primary type of accident you are involved in would be a car, truck, cyclist, or pedestrian accident on any roadway that necessitates you to call the police right away. It is doubtful if an attorney can come as quickly as the police. However, you or your advocate need to contact an injury attorney as soon as you are medically stable.

Injuries caused by the negligence of someone else is unfortunate, indeed. Depending on your situation, the type of accident and your injuries’ level determine what kind of case you have for receiving retribution for your injuries.  You were not at fault is the bottom line, and someone on the road turned your world upside down. You need to seek compensation for what this unexpected accident is going to cost you?

When you or someone else reach the police via telephone, the call center officers ask if there are injures that necessitate calling an ambulance. If you or the other party requires medical attention, the authority notifies the need for an ambulance, and both police and ambulance are en route to your location at the same time. The police reaches the scene of your accident first and must begin an investigation of what happen and possibly who was at fault.

When Making an Accident Report, Choose Your Words Wisely

The question remains,
“Should you talk to the police before a lawyer about an injury claim?”

You probably do not need a lawyer to tell you that the other driver caused your injuries, and they were negligent in their actions. The other party will probably not admit guilt, which is where your accident, injury lawyer comes into play. You have no choice but to speak with the law enforcement official first. Just chose your words wisely as what you say could harm your case for compensation should your attorney decide to file a settlement claim for you.

You will need to speak with the police and recreate how the accident happened from your point of view. If there are witnesses, they play a big part in relating how they saw the accident happen and whom they believe was at fault. The police documents everything everyone says about the accident.

Chose your words carefully when filing a police report about your accident. Your comments could release the other person who caused the accident. Your words can mean the difference between an appropriate settlement for your injuries or no settlement at all. Never allow a dangerous and irresponsible driver to go free.

When you speak to anyone, especially others at the accident site and the police never say, “I am so sorry,” or “I may be at fault for this accident.” Never admit fault as this can hurt your case if you were not the one who caused the accident. Describe to the police exactly what you saw happen and admit no guilt or say you are sorry. Saying you are sorry in indirect ways alerts the officer that you were possibly the one who is at fault.

You Need a Seasoned Accident Attorney 

This attorney at Wapner Newman Law Firm is not only seasoned and experienced in roadway accident claims but is devoted to being a good listener with the compassion to sort out your case and get you a just settlement. Remember, our first visit is free, and there are no obligations on your part, but you must take the first step and give us a call as soon as you are medically stable. You can also appoint a friend or relative to make that first call for you if you are unable. We determine where the fault lies.

You would not be in such turmoil had the other driver been paying attention to the road. You need to seek payment for pain and suffering and consider an extensive list of things you need reimbursement for, such as,

  • Mounting hospital costs
  • Doctor bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical bills and much more
  • Pain and suffering

Q: Why should you pay for someone else’s mistakes?

Q: Why should you pay for all of these unexpected expenses when you are not at fault? 

Accident victims not at fault suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally after accidents. You will have to recover economic and non-economic damages through your injury attorney. We must investigate and consider all possible accident obstacles such as the weather, road construction, mechanical malfunctions of the vehicles involved, the other car and drive, distractions, intoxication, and road rage.

We consider questions such as how long you will be off work and the dollar amount of wages and income you lose. If you cannot work or lose your present job due to your injuries, you need income from somewhere, and this income is included in your settlement, your future depends on a decent compromise. We figure in any future medical expenses related to your accident, along with all the pain and suffering you are going through. We guide, direct, and stay by your side until we reach an appropriate settlement for your situation.

If you reside in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, your first call to this attorney is free with no-obligation. As soon as you are medically stable, call this injury attorney and explain what happened. This attorney fights hard for settlements for clients wrongfully injured in roadway accidents.

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