Soberlink Connect Device Delivers Improved Performance

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Soberlink introduces the all-new Soberlink Connect Device that packs the latest alcohol monitoring technology into a smaller, lighter, and faster device. The device pairs with any Apple or Android phone or tablet, allowing clients to send tests from anywhere. With an updated camera, new tamper-resistant technology, and faster sending times, Soberlink Connect delivers trusted, accurate results in Addiction Treatment, Family Law, and Workplace Compliance.

Delivering continuous innovations, Soberlink remains the leader in Remote Alcohol Monitoring. The new Connect Device combines eight years of this leadership experience with the latest technology. It enhances all aspects of the previous devices to make the testing process even more convenient and discreet.

Soberlink Connect: Device and App

The Connect Device features the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology for faster transmission speeds. The Connect App can be downloaded on any Apple or Android phone or tablet, enabling the client to send tests using their 4G-LTE or Wi-Fi connection. This connection means that clients can now send tests from anywhere – at home, remote locations, or even flying. Soberlink Connect eliminates the need for a Cellular connection to submit a test.

Performance Improvements

  • 30% smaller and 40% lighter with best-of-class components
  • 50% faster transmission speeds by harnessing the power of the client’s Smartphone
  • Increased convenience of sending tests with Wi-Fi
  • 15+ days of battery life through the use of low energy technology
  • Faster and more accurate facial recognition that reduces the need for human review
  • Additional tamper-proof technology to ensure the integrity of every test

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