Suffered a Personal Injury in California? What are Your Options?

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Laws are created to protect us from harm or get our deserved rights if harm was caused. In California, certain personal injury laws were created to help benefit the injured person and cover all aspects in terms of compensation, medical bills, lost wages, and not to mention the physical and emotional pain you’ve suffered from.

To understand more about how personal injury law works, find out below what your options are and if you’re eligible for compensation.

Consider Hiring an Attorney

The first question to ask yourself is, if you need a personal injury attorney. While it is possible to get compensation without legal representation, you’ll find that insurance companies will aim at paying you less than you actually deserve. This is when it’s absolutely necessary to hire legal representation or even get legal advice on your case that insurance companies will not provide. It’s advisable to not hire any generalized attorney but one who has specialized in personal injury cases. They’ll be able to gather the proper documentation, ensure they’re filed correctly, and will appear in court to assert your claim. They’ll also be able to negotiate to get the best compensation you deserve.

Finding Out If You’re Eligible

There are many personal injuries that can occur and finding out if you can receive compensation can be tricky. According to California Law, you need to be able to ask yourself three questions to determine what your case is. Was the responsible party negligent? Did the responsible party cause harm? Did this harm incur costs? Once you have answered yes to these questions, you’ll be able to determine if you can request legal compensation and that means you need to understand who’s to blame and how you can get compensated.

Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

If you decide to deal with the insurance company without legal representation, there are a few things to consider. It’s important to understand that insurance companies are for-profit ones and will aim at paying you the least amount possible. So, never admit to fault when talking to your company or the at-fault party’s company. Don’t accept an initial settlement offer and don’t release medical records unless you’re absolutely sure they will cover your medical bills.

Types of Injuries

Personal Injury Law covers any physical or mental harm that is caused by a negligent party. Some of them can be minor or severe, depending on your case. Below are the options you need to consider if you faced any of these injuries:

Car Accident Injuries

As scary as car accidents can be by not only causing physical injuries but also trauma, there are ways where you can get compensated. If the accident was caused by another driver, you’re legally required to file for a personal injury claim, especially if you were seriously harmed and had to require medical assistance. The challenging part is figuring out who’s to blame; California is a ‘fault’ insurance state which means you’ll be able to hold the other driver at fault by filing a lawsuit.

Work-Related Injuries

Work injuries require the employee the option to request a worker’s compensation claim or file a personal injury lawsuit at the third party, if it was involved, or the company itself if it didn’t provide necessary precautions. There are situations where the employee will need to file for both claims in order to be compensated. With an attorney, he/she will be able to guide you on which path you should choose after investigating the matter.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog-related injuries are considered a personal injury in the state of California, however; they need to bite injuries caused at a public space for it to be considered one. If this injury was caused because the owner was negligent or it caused you to be hospitalized, then the owner is held liable for the damages caused. Filing a personal injury claim with your attorney will get you compensation for whatever physical or mental harm you’ve suffered from.

Time Limitations

It’s necessary to know that there’s a time limit with any of these above-mentioned injuries. There is a two-year statute of limitations for filing a claim when it comes to personal injuries. Some of these cases can take months before you can get your compensation, so filing as soon as possible is highly necessary.

Know Your Rights

The state of California has laws that are very extensive aimed to protect its citizens. It also provides those who were injured by an at-fault party with many legal remedies that are beneficial to you in the long run. Know your rights if you faced an injury like the ones mentioned above because you don’t need to cover everything yourself.

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