Alternative Divorce Solutions Offering Therapy and Co-Parenting Coaching

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NEWPORT BEACH, CA—Alternative Divorce Solutions, a Southern California-based divorce mediation firm changing the way people experience divorce, is expanding its Orange County client services with the addition of innovative therapy sessions with licensed therapist and co-parenting coach, Karissa Collins, M.S., AMFT.

Alternative Divorce Solutions is a leader changing the divorce process to make it better, more efficient and more humane than traditional antagonist courtroom settings. Since its founding in 2011, the firm has focused on divorce mediation, aiming to alleviate tension to help reach the most beneficial outcome for everyone involved. Since its founding, it has remained focused on clients’ holistic wellbeing by easing stress, creating a more efficient and transparent process, and offering affordable flat-fee pricing. Over the past decade, that has resulted in Alternative Divorce Solutions’ mediations having higher than a 90 percent resolution success rate.

Founder and CEO Lani Baron decided to add therapy services to further prioritize client’s wellbeing. A child of divorced parents herself, Baron knows firsthand the personal impact of divorce. By having a mental health professional on the Alternative Divorce Solutions team, clients in the Newport Beach office have the option to integrate and prioritize emotional wellbeing alongside the legal process.


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