Jamal Mahmood Publishes New Personal Injury Claim Book

Jamal Mahmood

ANAHEIM, CA—JSM Injury Firm APC is pleased to announce that president and founder Jamal Mahmood has recently published, The Ultimate Guide to Making a Personal Injury Claim: How to Deal with Insurance Companies to Get the Best Outcome for Your Injury Case.

In the book, Mahmood gives readers an overview of how the claims process works, offers specific advice on dealing with insurance companies throughout their case and explains how having an experienced personal injury lawyer on their side can make all the difference. Suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligence involves many battles physically, financially, mentally, and legally. It is a common issue that thousands of people face yet the topic does not have adequate education around it nor is it discussed much to raise awareness. That’s why, in this unfortunate event, having a personal injury lawyer is key to protecting savings and assets and receiving well-deserved compensation.

Mahmood’s book provides an easy-to-understand guide that covers all aspects of making a personal injury claim, aiming to give victims the tools they need to obtain the best possible outcome for their case. “I decided to write this book because I wanted to help personal injury victims understand their rights and what to expect when dealing with insurance companies. My goal is to empower readers so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.” Too often, insurance companies take advantage of victims who are not familiar with the law or claims process. This puts people in an even worse position as while they are already coping with trauma, there is no way they could determine if the advice they are receiving is genuine or in their best interest or not.

JSM Injury Firm believes in giving people greater access to the legal system. This is why they have been educating people through books like these, their social media accounts, their website, and any public appearance they make. They are ready to defend AND educate. To learn more about JSM Injury Firm, visit www.jsminjuryfirm.com  and get a copy of the new book on Amazon.

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