Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin Introduces CARe Program

CARe Program

Denver criminal defense attorney Jennifer E. Longtin, founder of The Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin, is offering affordable rate representation to those above public defender guidelines via the CARe Program.

Jennifer E. Longtin, founder of The Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin, developed the CARe Program, (Compassionate, Affordable Representation) in response to the lack of affordable representation in the community.

“CARe is an access to justice program, which provides reasonable rate representation to those who do not financially qualify for a public defender, but would have qualified if the guidelines were a bit broader,” said Longtin, who was recently selected to Super Lawyers Rising Stars.

This is an ongoing program offered through The Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin.

“At The Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin, we understand that the cost of living in Colorado, especially in the the Denver Metro Area, is much higher than this federal number,” concluded Longtin. “We have re-tooled the public defender criteria to include a cost of living increase, as well as provided extra criteria that the public defender’s office can’t consider, such as whether the source of someone’s income is partially, or entirely, from government assistance.”

Interested parties are encouraged to bring up the program when they call so the firm can determine if they are eligible for the CARe rate prior to setting up a consultation.

About Jennifer E. Longtin

Jennifer Longtin is an attorney who is passionate about seeking justice for all people.  She is a former Public Defender with experience in trial, negotiation, and appellate work.  Jennifer has tried cases ranging from simple traffic offenses and DUIs to murder and complex sex offenses.

About The Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin

The Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin is a dedicated team of attorneys practicing client centered, reasonable rate, criminal defense.  We believe that a person is not the sum of their worst day, but so much more.  We specialize in cases where mental health has caused an individual to be trapped in the criminal justice system.  We provide resolutions that work for our clients.  We are fierce advocates in both negotiations and trial- we believe in pursuing the best avenue for the individual and the case.  Beyond the courtroom, our attorneys, staff, investigators, and social workers care and understand the life crisis that is a criminal accusation.  We cater to the whole person to provide not only the best defense, but an experience that uses the criminal process to bring active change into our client’s lives.

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