Harness IP Named Among Top Ten Patent Firms

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TROY, MI—Harness IP is proud to share that it has been named among the Top Ten Patent Firms for obtaining U.S. utility patents by an independent source. This marks the fourteenth year in a row that Harness IP has been named among the Top Ten most prolific law firms to obtain utility patents.

Harness IP was named number ten on the list by Harrity Analytics for obtaining 2963 U.S. utility patents in 2021. This includes issued utility patents from across all USPTO Technology Centers that list the firm’s name on the front page. In addition to this ranking, Harness IP was also named to the Top Ten for several Technology Center-specific lists, including:

  • #4 ranking, TC 2800 – Semiconductors, Electrical and Optical Systems and Components
  • #5 ranking, TC 3600 – Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, Licensing and Review
  • #7 ranking, TC 3700 – Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing and Products
  • #10 ranking, TC 1700 – Chemicals and Materials Engineering

Other Technology Center-specific lists for which Harness IP appears in the Top 50 include:

  • TC 1600 – Biotechnology and Organics
  • TC 2100 – Computer Architecture, Software and Information Security
  • TC 2400 – Computer Networks, Multiplex, Cable and Cryptography/Security
  • TC 2600 – Communications
  • TC 3620-3629, 3680-3689, or 3690-3699 – Business Methods
  • TC 3770-3779 or 3790-3799 – Medical Devices

In addition to the rankings conducted by Harrity Analytics, the firm also made Juristat’s Top Ten list for TC 1700 based on a calculated score that combines metrics such as number of applications filed, allowance rate, and average number of office actions before allowance.

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