New Law Museum of Iowa Opens, Featuring Trial by Jury Artifacts

Law Museum of Iowa

DES MOINES, IA—The Law Group of Iowa is happy to announce that the Law Museum of Iowa is now open!

The Law Museum of Iowa is one of only two law museums in the United States and the only one with a focus on the constitutional right to trial by jury. Housed within the courtroom at Law Group of Iowa, the museum exhibits include: antique legal documents featuring jury summonses, verdicts; juries and the judiciary in advertising; justice around the world (featuring legal pieces from over 30 countries); and the Polk County Courthouse (located in Des Moines, IA). The courtroom has a 3 judge bench, witness box, 12 jury chairs (sourced from an Iowa courthouse), an antique jury wheel, and even a steno machine.

Admission is free and every visitor receives a pocket constitution and gavel pencil!


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