All-Star Female Team Release Virtual Proceedings Playbook

Demetria Graves

DALLAS, TX—In May 2020, Stewart Law Group Founding Partner Amy M. Stewart made history, becoming one of the first trial attorneys to present a case to a jury over Zoom. In response to her experience participating in the nation’s first virtual Summary Jury Trial, Amy put together a team of outstanding leaders in the legal profession to create the Virtual Proceedings Playbook (VPP): M.C. Sungaila, Winter Wheeler, and Cheralyn Stevenson.

The VPP is a resource for lawyers, mediators, and judges to use when conducting virtual proceedings. In this exclusive eBook, Amy covers strategies to zealously represent clients in trials, hearings, and depositions, Winter explains how to successfully resolve disputes through mediation, M.C. outlines how to protect the appellate record, and Cheralyn details the operations and technology aspect of legal proceedings.

The VPP is a great tool to coach in-house litigation managers and outside counsel through the four quarters of litigating and protecting the appellate record – discovery, hearings, ADR, and trials – and how to take advantage of the special features of virtual platforms.


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