Dallas Bar Association Wins ABA Partnership Award

ABA Partnership Award

The Dallas Bar Association (DBA) received a 2018 ABA Partnership Award from the American Bar Association. The ABA Standing Committee on Bar Activities and Services recognized the DBA for its outstanding programming and related work to the DBA WE LEAD program. The awards program was held July 31 in Chicago.

WE LEAD stands for Women Empowered to Lead in the Legal Profession. The program is in partnership with the Dallas Women’s Foundation and the Dallas Women Lawyers Association, and is led by Michael K. Hurst, DBA President, and Shonn Brown, DBA Vice Chair of the Board, both of the firm Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst, LLP.

The purpose of DBA WE LEAD is to address the unique challenges facing women in the legal profession; to empower, educate and uplift women lawyers to take an already successful law practice to new heights; and to prepare lawyers for active professional leadership within their law firm, the business community and the community at large.

About the Dallas Bar Association

The Dallas Bar Association is a professional, voluntary organization of nearly 11,000 Dallas-area attorneys. The Dallas Bar Association (DBA) was founded by 40 lawyers in 1873, during an era that witnessed remarkable growth in the city of Dallas. As stated in its first charter – signed in 1916 by 100 members – the purpose of “the Bar Association of Dallas” was “for support of a literary undertaking and maintenance of a library.”

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