GoransonBain Ausley Elects P. Lindley Bain Managing Partner

P. Lindley Bain

DALLAS, TX—A visionary leader who effectively engages, inspires and influences her colleagues, P. Lindley Bain, has been elected Managing Partner of one of Texas’s largest family law firms, GoransonBain Ausley.

Bain was also a key driver with Harrison in the successful merger of GoransonBain and Ausley, Algert, Robertson, & Flores in 2017. The merger brought together two leading Texas family law firms with long-standing records of successful and ethical representation of clients.

Bain will become GoransonBain Ausley’s third managing partner, and at age 40, its youngest.

As the firm’s second female managing partner, she builds on a history of strong representation of women leaders. Her mother, Angie Bain, was a Founding Partner of GoransonBain in 1987. Of the firm’s 25 partners, 14 are female, and 61% of equity partners are female.

Bain joined GoransonBain Ausley in 2007 and was named a Partner in 2014.


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