Veteran Dallas Attorney Randy Johnston Inducted Into the Pampa High School Harvester Hall of Fame

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PAMPA, TX—Because his family traveled extensively to make ends meet, Randy Johnston attended five different high schools. However, in 1965, the high school senior chose to remain at Pampa High School as his family moved on to Alabama. Classmates Becky Brewer, Bob Wells, and their families took him in, providing food, shelter, and a nurturing environment, allowing him to graduate. Says Mr. Johnston, “If I didn’t graduate from Pampa High, I wouldn’t have gone to college or had the life and career that I’ve enjoyed.”

Recently, Mr. Johnson (’65) and Pamela Martin, Pampa High School Class of 1970, were named as two outstanding Pampa High School alumni who have contributed significantly to the betterment of their professions and communities. They were inducted into the Pampa High School Harvester Hall of Fame during an induction ceremony on September 30th.

The colorful, high-profile lawyer is as well-known for guitar playing and the ponytail he once wore as he is for his pioneering legal work pursuing justice in the areas of professional malpractice and business litigation. Also, he authored the book, “Robbed at Pen Point,” which takes aim at business fraud and ways to prevent it.

In a heartfelt address, the inductee implored students to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities available to them at Pampa HS. Also, he referenced the “racist, sexist times” in which he grew up, and asked students to recognize discrimination and bias and to combat it by thinking and speaking about it openly.

The Harvester Hall of Fame was established in 1997. Honorees are community leaders who exemplify the Harvester Spirit in their lives including community, professional success, and loyalty. There are currently 61 members.


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