Venable Launches Innovative Wellbrand Naming Solutions Service

Talk of the Town Announcement

WASHINGTON, DC—Venable LLP’s Trademark Prosecution and Counseling Group is pleased to announce the launch of the Wellbrand service, an innovative naming solution that leverages Venable’s trademark-law intelligence to accelerate the process of finding effective brand names.

By teaming with our clients in the early stages of name development, Venable can develop already-cleared naming options that help clients “get to yes” faster when selecting names. With team leaders who have worked together for more than 20 years clearing and protecting brands worldwide, Venable attorneys draw on a deep well of experience to develop names that are more likely to avoid refusal by the Trademark Office (USPTO) and challenge by third parties.

Names provided will clear a preliminary U.S. registry search, with no more than low-to-moderate risk of USPTO refusal or third-party challenge. A full search is needed to more fully assess risk. Venable does not warrant that the name is definitively available.


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