The Future of Law: Embracing New Technology for Stronger Business Development

artificial intelligence
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“Attorneys who become comfortably fluent with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will begin to appear superhuman to, and outperform, those who don’t,” Richard Boyd, CEO of SZL.IT, Inc. told me recently.

Using artificial intelligence to monitor your clients and their industries not only helps you serve them better on their current legal issues, but it provides you with opportunities to expand your services and cross-sell to other practice areas and jurisdictions. You can proactively engage clients on potential issues and show them that you stay up-to-date on the right information. Using AI in this process not only considerably reduces labor costs, but robots can read at a rate of 150,000 pages per day, so they are also much more efficient.

Lower labor costs, faster research and information delivery, and stronger business development equals lower costs and more revenue. Using more powerful Machine Learning (ML) systems grant extraordinary time, efficiency and intelligence advantages. These SaaS products are extremely affordable and given that technological competency has been incorporated into the rules of ethics, every lawyer has a duty to stay up-to-date.

“Anything that can be automated will, and should be. Don’t compete with the machines, recruit them,” Will Jarvis of SZL.IT Inc., said. With that in mind, the following are some recommended steps to move toward superhuman cooperation with machine systems in your daily professional life.

Client Intelligence

“Among clients’ most frequent complaints about law firms is an utter lack of knowledge of the clients’ businesses and the issues facing their industries,” said Jordan Furlong of Edge International. With so much news, it is easy to lose track of important information affecting your clients. Using AI to monitor industries, specific clients, competitors and current events keeps you on top of the right information.

Showcase Thought Leadership

Generate original content in the forms of articles, blogs and social media posts as often as possible. If you struggle to find time or the creative energy to write original pieces, AI systems can assist in taking unstructured data and turning it into fluent natural language components.

Automate Social Media For Consistency

FindLaw published survey results recently stating that more than half of the American population prefers to hire attorneys with an active social media presence. This increases to 70 percent for those between the ages of 18 and 44.

While understanding its importance, most attorneys struggle to find time to manage their own social media campaigns and stay on top of their active cases. Marketing automation can help you stay on task and top of mind in social media. Use advanced scheduling and optimization tools. Scroll’s platform creates and manages social media campaigns for hundreds of attorneys in a few easy clicks via a secure platform, yet all posts stay individually branded. This allows everyone to do the job in which they are most proficient.

“Social media, in its many forms, has become an important part of the fabric of our daily lives, and attorneys need to make it an integral part of their marketing efforts,” said Mark Jacobsen, senior director of strategic development and thought leadership at FindLaw.

We are at a turning point where the mundane tasks will be done for us, enabling us to soar to new heights. Embracing machine learning is imperative to future success. Those that resist will be left behind. The superhuman lawyers will prevail. Marlet M. Edwards

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