The Most Common Workplace Injuries That Lawyers See

The Workers' Compensation Claim Process: Everything to Know

Injuries in the workplace are not uncommon. Many people are surprised to learn just how widespread workplace injuries are.  It isn’t only workers in high-risk professions who can suffer injuries at work. Below are four of the most common workplace injuries and how you can avoid them.

Slips and Falls

These are perhaps the most common types of workplace injuries. Slips and falls can occur just about anywhere. Chaotic environments are more likely to contain trip hazards, so maintaining a clear and clean workplace is the best defense against slips and falls.

Being Struck by Moving Objects

In workplaces where heavy machinery is present, there is often a lot of moving objects. Responsible businesses will provide their workers with training on moving any hazardous objects safely and avoiding collisions. But all it takes is one person taking their eye off the ball for a second, and someone can easily be seriously injured.


Some workers love to push themselves in everything that they do. Other workers have managers who are continually putting pressure on them to work more and to work faster. In either case, it is all too easy for workers to go overboard and push themselves further than they should. When this happens, overexertion injuries can manifest.

For example, lifting and incorrectly moving heavy objects can lead to numerous injuries, from torn muscles to joint pain. Workers must receive proper training during their orientation to understand how they can perform their jobs as safely as possible.

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Repetitive Motion Injuries

If your job involves nothing more than sitting in front of a computer and typing all day, you might think that you have nothing to worry about. However, repetitive strain injuries are a common problem among people who work with computers all day. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the best-known manifestation of repetitive strain injury.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid carpal tunnel syndrome by using ergonomic equipment. Ergonomic equipment provides additional support and is more comfortable to use for long periods.

What Does the Law Say?

There are no federal standards for workers’ compensation for injuries sustained while on the job. Instead, it is up to individual states to set their own rules. Workers’ compensation is supposed to cover the expenses associated with a worker unable to work due to injury. These expenses can include lost wages, medical bills, disability payments, and other costs. Federal employees have access to a specific federal program.

Workplace injuries can occur anywhere. It isn’t just workers who work in dangerous jobs that suffer workplace injuries. In 2019, there were 2.8 million cases of workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private employers. 2020 is likely to see a significant decrease thanks to the rise of people working from home due to Covid. Any worker who suffers from workplace injuries should contact an attorney straight away. They will direct you to the best course of action and help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Workplace injuries can happen to anyone. Even if you work in a sedate office environment, you should remain vigilant and do everything you can to stay safe.

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