The Top Causes of Florida Motorcycle Accidents – An Attorney’s Perspective

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are one of the primary reasons why clients contact personal injury attorneys in Florida. When it comes to the causes of these incidents there are several that crop up time and again.

Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable than car drivers in a crash. With less protection from the elements and less visibility to motorists, motorcycle riders are at a disadvantage on the roads.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the most common from the perspective of a personal injury attorney in Orlando.

Drivers Making Left-Hand Turns

Around 50% of accidents involving motorcyclists and other vehicles occur when drivers make left-hand turns in front of motorcycle riders who have right of way. Truck and car drivers often forget to check their mirrors, yield, or observe stop lights and signs, and this leaves motorcyclists without enough reaction time. They, therefore, end up riding into the vehicle’s side.

Accidents of this type are especially prevalent at intersections and when motorcyclists try overtaking other vehicles. The reason for this is that cars have blind spots into which the motorcycle can easily disappear. Riders must be wary and make an effort to stay visible as much as possible.

Although side collisions are often minor when two cars are involved, lane changing accidents that involve motorcyclists may be fatal. Should the driver have changed lanes recklessly or not used their turn signal, they could be found at fault in any accident claim brought against them. Motorcyclists who have been injured like this have a strong claim for personal injury based on the driver’s negligence.

Negligence Of Drivers

Driver negligence may take a number of forms. These include driving and texting, speeding, driving after taking prescription medications, drugs or alcohol, reckless driving, and racing. The main cause of driver negligence when it comes to motorcycle accidents, though, is speeding.

Since motorcycles have reduced visibility when compared to cars, speeding drivers struggle to stop in time when they spot them. In Florida, the tourist industry only compounds this problem. Many drivers here are distracted – sometimes because they’re unfamiliar with the local roads and are trying to navigate, sometimes because they’re chatting with family members, and sometimes because they’re looking for a restaurant or business.

Driving distracted is dangerous to every driver, but especially to motorcyclists who are less protected and less visible. A distracted driver may run a red light or miss a stop sign and pull out in front of a motorcyclist. This could result in serious injuries for the motorcyclist.

Mechanical Issues

Mechanical problems occur with both cars and motorcycles. Sometimes, a motorcycle or a car will have faulty brakes, ill-fitting or deflated tires, a damaged steering system, or even a defective onboard computer. A poorly maintained or designed bike could spin out or find it hard to stop, and this could result in fatalities or injuries. If this occurs, the mechanic or manufacturer may be deemed to be at fault. They could, therefore, be held liable should there be sufficient evidence.

Dangerous Roads

By their very nature, motorcycles aren’t as stable as cars because of their structure. Uneven and slippery surfaces, as well as potholes, could prove deadly to riders. Riders are advised to avoid traveling in adverse weather conditions and to only use routes that they know well.

Lane Splitting

If you ride between two lanes to try to avoid congestion and busy traffic this is a risky activity. It may be tempting to try to dodge the gridlock in the blistering Florida heat, but if you do, your chances of a crash are increased.

If you’ve experienced an injury in a motorcycle accident in Florida it’s important to seek professional legal advice. With a skilled attorney on side, you can seek compensation for your suffering.

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