Things to Consider Before Hiring a Security Company

security company
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If you are a business or property owner, having a reliable security partner is essential as they will protect your assets, events, workers, property and yourself. However, selecting a good security company is not an easy task, especially if you do not know what to look for. There are numerous security firms, many claiming to offer reliable services, but unable to deliver. 

Before hiring any security company, here are some of the things you should look at.

Experience in providing similar security services

If you need security services in a gated community, it is important to select a security firm that has experience in providing security services for a gated community. A security firm that has an excellent record in providing security services to several hotels might not be the best to hire to provide security for a school. Hiring a security company with experience in providing similar security services is the best bet as they already know potential security issues to address and how best to relate to your staff and clients.

Provide security services in the neighborhood or city

Any security firm that you seek to hire should be one that provides security services to other businesses or property in your neighborhood or city. Working in your area or city means they are already familiar with potential security issues and have put in place adequate measures to address them. In addition, a security company with several clients in an area means they can quickly provide reinforcements when needed as they have an office or patrol vehicle in the vicinity.

Professionalism and credibility

You should only hire a security company that is professional and credible. A professional security company is one that ethically undertakes its activities, and as per their code of conduct. Additionally, a credible security company is one which is reliable and has been registered by relevant statewide and nationwide authorities. Once you hire a professional security company, they will undertake an in-depth security audit of your business or property to determine how best to protect your interests. The best way to determine if a security firm is professional and credible is by reading their reviews online, getting feedback from former & current clients and checking with regulatory authorities.

Investigative capability

A security firm should be able to protect your interests by being proactive in investigating and dealing with potential security threats. Armorous Security Experts agree that hiring a security firm with investigative ability is a plus as this provides an added level of effectiveness of the security firm. With investigative capabilities, you will have an increased level of confidence, knowing that any current or future threat will be thoroughly investigated.

Response Capability and 24/7 support

A good security company is one that has an efficient and effective response capability, including and not limited to car patrol and guard reinforcement. They should be able to provide support when needed within the shortest time possible. Additionally, regular security patrols in marked vehicles provide security visibility that can deter potential intruders to your property. This response capability should also be available 24/7, even during public holidays.


Even though pricing is an essential factor in selecting a security company, it should not be the sole criteria to be applied. Professional security experts have recommended avoiding security firms that offer very low prices. Firms offering low prices might compromise on some aspects of security like low pay to the guards, lack of proper training, no added security services etc. This might leave your business or property exposed to potential security threats. Select a security company that offers competitive and cost-effective rates. The best way to go about this is to ask for quotes from several security companies and evaluate their cost-effectiveness.

Guard competency and training

Security to your business will depend on the level of competency of the guard deployed in your business. It is important to ensure that guards employed by your security company are very competent in dealing with any arising security issues. Besides, they should have undergone proper training and regularly attend refresher courses. You can easily find this information by asking any potential security company to send you information related to their guard training.

Use of technology

With the world moving towards the integration of technology into day to day activities, you should also hire a security company that employs the use of technology to enhance the security of your business or property. This includes installing security cameras, biometric access and real-time GPS reporting.

Once you identify any potential security company, it is crucial to have a face to face meeting with them and ask them any questions you might have. You should only sign on the dotted lines once you are fully satisfied.

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