Tips For Talking To Another Driver’s Insurance Representative

Tips for talking to a other drivers insurance representative
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Accidents are just that, accidents.  Unexpected, sudden, and jarring, a car wreck has the potential to turn your life upside down in ways from the mild to the severe.  From the loss of transportation to the cost of serious medical injuries can often be the result of an accident.  As such, you need a dependable legal team that you can rely on to help you secure your rights in the event that the worst occurs out on the road.  A dedicated legal team can help you cut through the legal mysteries, help you secure records and witness, and represent your interests when battling an array of insurance company lawyers who are dedicated to defeating or limiting your claim.

It’s important to remember that another driver’s insurance representative is not working on your behalf.  Indeed, a strong case can be made that the only party an insurance representative is representing is that of the insurance company.  As such, in order to secure your rights in the aftermath of an accident it is important to be wary of what you might say in the aftermath of an accident.

Your Responsibility in the Immediate Aftermath of an Accident

An accident aftermath can be confusing and chaotic, so it is important to keep your wits about you in the immediate aftermath of an accident.  To begin with, ensure that everyone involved is ok, rendering first aid when appropriate, and calling emergency service personnel if necessary.  At no point should you make any statements that indicate guilt or fault, and be sure to collect the names and contact information of any witnesses that might be on the scene of the accident.  Accident judgments are predicated on the faults of the drivers, so don’t prejudice any future legal case by limiting your legal options through premature admission of fault.

In the days following the accident, you may be contacted by representatives of the other party’s insurance company.  Always remember that you are never under any obligation to speak with another person’s insurance investigator, and in doing so you should recognize that their entire goal is to limit their liability.  Whether through limiting the amount of your settlement, or declining your claim in its entirety, insurance company lawyers will look for ways to use your words against you in any legal proceedings.

As such, should you be approached to make a statement regarding the accident, your most prudent course of action is to have them talk to your attorney.

Let Your Accident Attorney Do the Heavy Lifting

At the heart of all accident litigation cases is the determination of fault.  As such, it’s critical that you not admit any fault at the scene.  Additionally, prior to accepting any nominal settlement offer from the at-fault party’s insurance company, you should reach out to an attorney with the details of the case to help determine fault.  Your accident attorney will fully review the relevant documentation from witness statements to police reports in their efforts to parse out blame for the crash.

Once the details of the crash have been determined, your lawyer will make sure that your recovery is properly attended to financially, so you will only need to worry about getting better and reclaiming your life.  Whether you have expensive medical bills, or need to receive compensation for the cost of a rental car, your automobile wreck attorney is there to make sure nothing drops in between the cracks.

Talking to an auto accident lawyer from Kaplan Law can help you secure your rights in the event of an accident, even if you are partially responsible for the incident under Illinois’ modified comparative negligence doctrine.  Successfully defending your rights will help ensure that you receive any compensation that is due you for lost wages, emotional distress, permanent disabilities, or pain and suffering.

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Call the Expert Legal Team at Kaplan Law

Even on the best of days, people do not relish speaking with insurance agents, and talking to an adversarial agent in the aftermath of an accident can be very stressful.  It’s important to remember that you do not ever to accede to a settlement award if that amount will not meet your financial needs.  Having an attorney in your corner with personal injury experience is your safety net when dealing with other people’s lawyers and insurance companies.  Here at Kaplan Law, you don’t have to stress out about anything other than getting better and moving past the accident.

If you have been in an auto accident, immediately file a claim, seek medical help, and contact our auto accident team here at Kaplan Law to make sure that you are not victimized by the other party’s insurance company.

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