Tips on Improving Your Situation Before DUI Court

DUI Court

Driving under the influence of substances like drugs or alcohol is irresponsible and dangerous, both for you and others. If poor choices have placed you in a position where you have to fight a DUI charge, there is certainly a difficult road ahead. If you are still confused about how to proceed, the tips below might improve your situation before DUI court.

Hire An Attorney

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, the first step you should take is to hire a DUI defense lawyer. They will know the system and what is best in your case.

Hiring someone who is familiar with DUI defences will definitely help you get the best results possible. They will know the legal, scientific and medical issues that are involved in such cases and support you throughout the whole process.

Seek Treatment Or Counselling

Once you have been charged with DUI, the police officers and the judge will assume that you have an alcohol or drug problem. Given the circumstances, it is important to own up to the situation.

In this case, consider signing up for counselling programs. This will show everyone that you regret your past choices and you have decided to address the issues.  

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If you are not sure what rehabilitative program to join, just ask your attorney for assistance.

Don’t Drive

If your license was suspended after being caught driving under the influence, don’t even consider getting behind the wheel again.

Driving while your case is pending will make things worse. The prosecutor will have all the reasons to advise you should be convicted.

Make Sure You Have The Compulsory Funds

Defending yourself in a DUI case is an expensive process. You will need money to get out of jail, hire an attorney, as well as specialists or investigators to assist you. Similarly, you might have to pay for drug or alcohol evaluations, as well as treatments.

Moreover, in case of conviction, you might have to pay a fine. Not to mention the fact that you will lose several working days for your process, which in turn will decrease your income.

Many people cannot pay it all out of their pockets. Consequently, make sure to be prepared.

Consider Doing Community Service

While community service might be mandatory at some point, consider getting some hours completed even before the trial.

Working for a charitable organization proves the judge you have understood the gravity of the situation. It might also give your defence lawyer some means to bargain with the prosecutor.

Final Thoughts

Going through a DUI case is life changing. It’s daunting, tedious and challenging, but you should deem it a learning experience.

While the circumstances might be unfortunate, be grateful that you only have to face a DUI charge and not more. Learn from your mistakes and make sure never to repeat them again.

Never drive under the influence. This will keep both you and the people around you safe.

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