Tips to Develop and Grow Your Family Law Firm

grow your family law firm

Family law is not like other law niches. If you practice in this area, you cannot always rely on repeat customers. Once a divorce is final or the child custody matter is settled, for example, clients can move on with their lives. This means you have to find effective strategies that will help you continue bringing in new clients day after day and month after month.

While this may seem challenging, there are some tips you can use to keep your family law practice growing, and ensure an ongoing stream of new clients.

Use Traditional Strategies and Tactics

Sometimes, tried-and-true traditional marketing strategies are still the most effective way to grow your law firm. This includes things such as posting newspaper ads, distributing flyers and sharing business cards. While some people consider these tactics “behind the times,” they can provide you with new clients, especially if used in conjunction with other techniques.

Traditional marketing strategies will require an investment, however, but this investment is usually minimal, meaning a healthy return on your investment. However, if conventional marketing strategies are not right for your firm, adding digital marketing to your portfolio is a great next step.

Why Use Digital Marketing?

Many people (particularly the younger generation) don’t seek out information in newspapers anymore. Instead, they rely on the internet, social media and the various apps that are installed on their smartphone to get their news. Smartphones have replaced many more traditional methods of marketing and communication in recent years. With the help of search engines such as Google, these device users have everything they need in their hands, at any time.

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With just a few clicks, you can be reading the morning paper, transferring money online, and posting a picture to Instagram. If your law firm has not yet embraced digital marketing efforts to grow and find new clients, now is the time. Smart digital marketing using a variety of social media channels is key to growing your law firm’s clientele. 

SEO-Friendly Website

If you have a website, you should ensure it is SEO (search engine optimized), so potential clients can find you online. 

According to a recent survey, approximately 75 percent of all Google searchers click on a website that appears on the first page of search engine results and these users rarely click through to the second page for more results. Also, about 80 percent of searchers do not click on the paid ads found at the top of SERPs. If your page does not appear on page one of Google, now is the time to focus on SEO optimization as it can generate an ongoing stream of new clients.

Get Involved

It is a good idea to get involved in a community of individuals who are in your industry to promote your business and network with new clients. When you know others in your industry, you can find new leads. For example, a colleague with less expertise than you in a particular area of law may send you referrals, and vice-versa. As you build your network, you will find your client base growing exponentially with the help of your legal community.

Use Social Media Advertising

This is another option that could help you bring in new clients to your practice. Try creating pages for your law firm on a social media platform that is relevant to the services you offer. An appealing aspect of social media marketing is that it is free. While there are paid options, you don’t have to use them to achieve results.

Are You Generating New Leads?

When it comes to generating new leads for your family law firm, you should be open to trying new strategies and tactics to build your clientele. The result is a more steady and ongoing stream of new clients who need your services. This will be key in ensuring the success and future growth of your firm.

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