Too Much Time. Too Much Name Calling?

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Since President Trump took office a year ago, I think our concepts about truth have become simpler and less nuanced. That’s not all bad either. It allows for brevity and a response which ends soon enough after it starts that we can hear the whole thing.

I have also noticed however, that there are very few occasions where one individual talks to another and they engage in conversation as two people discussing the events of the day. I can’t say I blame them and I don’t know if I’d like to discuss really clean coal with the president.

I wouldn’t want to discuss with the U.S. Attorney, his notion that, “Nice people don’t smoke marijuana – it is a gateway drug straight to heroin and early death.”

I hear reporters call the president a liar on a daily basis if not more often than that. He and I don’t agree on much of anything and I am in no way rushing to his defense or trying to convince anyone to stop talking about his honesty or dishonesty as often as they like. What I am saying, is that hearing him described as a liar all the time is discouraging. I guess I would hope the president would be honest even if he was disagreeable or politically at odds with my values. Honesty seems like it shouldn’t be that hard to deliver.

I do think the press should call them on their nonsense when they lie. It might be a good idea though to change how it is done once in a while, so we don’t get stale in our national conversation. I think asking questions of people in the news is a polite and healthy alternative to his lying about the number of people who watched the state of the union. Would it be okay to ask if he knows how many people watched? He has to say no. Then maybe politely ask him the source of his statement about how many people tuned in. He should know who that is too. If he doesn’t know about things that seem so basic, we can probably assume that he is lying without any real interest in whether what he says is true or false as long as he thinks it makes him look good.

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If he is that cavalier or “loose with the truth” that is something someone ought to be able to take up with him – one-on-one in private.

If the president was a witness in a trial and a lawyer attacked him too aggressively the jury might think he was being treated unfairly. As tacticians we are counselled to treat people with dignity and quiet respect. We are taught to give the witness every benefit of the doubt and not to beat up on anyone with hostile questions.

It may be that all the obvious nastiness between the people reporting the news and the president and others who they don’t trust is getting increasingly strident and potentially harmful for the country. If someone wanted to remove him from office that would be fine with me. But if that’s what is being set up right now, it may be better to get done with it and move on instead of taking another week or month orr year. Either get the really clean coal or get the president out of office…

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He takes too much time and effort to deal with and distracts us from what we otherwise would be doing. Barry E. Lewin

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