Top 7 Legal Podcasts of All Time

Top 7 Legal Podcasts of All Time
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What makes the law entertaining? Many people perceive legal cases in the same way Charles Dickens’ wrote about them in his 900-page epic about a complex inheritance case, Bleak House, boring and long-winded.

But law podcasts are a great way of bringing the law alive. Sometimes there are complex cases and its easy to think that by reading books and studying the case law we can get to grips with them. While this can be true, sometimes we need a new perspective.

Here are the best legal podcasts and how you can listen to them.

1. Justice With Sweet James

They say justice is sweet and a dish best served cold and it certainly is if you listen to justice with Sweet James Bergener. Bergener is a self-described slayer of insurance companies.

He takes them on behalf of his clients in order to ensure payouts and a client’s often life-long insurance payments haven’t been for waste. There’s no wriggling out through loopholes when James is about.

His podcast takes on all the latest hot topics.

2. Lawyerist Podcast

This podcast is all about the practice of law. It focuses mainly on how you set up a law firm and the challenges involved. This is an amazing insight into that world and anyone looking to set up a legal firm.

It involves interviews with key players in the industry and a focus on the business of law rather than just the law itself.

3. Legal Geek Podcast

What’s the difference between a lawyer and a member of the League of Shadows? Other than the fact one wears a cape and the other a wig, not a lot really if you listen to this podcast.

The Legal Geek Podcast combines your favorite superheroes and the law. A funny and laid back podcast this is an entry-level podcast for people interested in learning about the law in an innovative way.

Jessica Mederson and Joshua Gilliland present this podcast that covers topics such as Spiderman far from the law, universal monsters at Silicon Valley, Star Wars Resistance, and even judges speaking on the clone war. They also put on some great themed events and also have a great blog.

4. Bloomberg Law Podcasts

These podcasts are great if you want a more serious take on the legal world and the law. This podcast is hosted by June Grasso and Michael Best and they don’t just look at one specific aspect of the law.

They interview experts on a range of subjects including professors and academics as well as practicing lawyers. Everything from property law and traffic law to murder cases is reviewed and looked at in-depth on this podcast.

5. ABA Modern Law Library

This podcast is all about historical legal cases and events and theories. So if you are very much into legal theories and want something a little bit more academic that is grounded in case law then this is the podcast for you.

Although it is technically an academic library, you don’t need a hefty academic login to access this. It is available to the whole legal community even if you’re just a casual interested party that works in a different industry.

6. Unbillable Hour

This podcast is all about trying to make you a better lawyer. So if you are at law school or are contemplating a career in law post-law school, this is the podcast you’re going to want to be listening to.

Many of the topics discussed here are quite technical and meaty. But they are relevant to the modern world. They include blockchain, bookkeeping, and general financial management.

The podcast is presented by Christopher Anderson who has a history in both legal and consulting. He knows all about what the best practices are for lawyers and clients.

7. This Week in Law

Interested in the way the world is changing and what that means for the law? Then be sure to listen in to this weekly round-up of legal changes in the technology world.

With Fintech companies taking on traditional banks, driverless cars, and sophisticated surveillance technology all on the rise, they have the lowdown on the latest legal developments.

For example, are you still legally responsible for paying out insurance bills if you were a passenger in a driverless car? Or is the company now legally responsible for paying out? It could make driverless cars more affordable for poorer people.

Be sure to tune in every week with Denise Howell from California guiding you through these turbulent legal times. This is one of the best news podcasts.

Legal Podcasts Feed the Brain

Legal podcasts are incredibly intellectually stimulating. Thankfully there are so many on the market right now that you can access this world even if you have no background in law.

There are law podcasts like the Legal Geek podcast that has a superhero element to them to make them fun and exciting, but there are also more serious academic podcasts like This Week in Law. This one investigates the rise of technology and how the law is and should respond to the challenges of bitcoin, fintech, and the surveillance state.

The Bloomberg Law podcasts also provide a good solid academic grounding in the law for those who like to investigate case-law.

There are also podcasts for those trying to make it into the world of law, informing you about how to be a better lawyer and what study you should undertake to stand the best chance of getting a job in a crowded market place.

If you are interested in reading more about the best news podcasts or the best legal podcasts, be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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