Top 8 Social Media Tools For Law Firm Marketing and Productivity

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Implementing a solid social media strategy is essential for success in a competitive marketplace. Because clients have so many law firms to choose from, it is important to set your firm apart by providing and sharing valuable content and building valuable relationships along the way. Below is a list featuring eight of my favorite tools for law firm marketing and productivity.

LinkedIn Connected is a great tool that allows you to build relationships. It is based on a concept called anticipatory computing, which means the app has the ability to anticipate information you may need without asking for it. The app will send you a notification of what you have in common with another LinkedIn connection. It allows you to have a more personalized one-on-one experience within your network of connections. Additional features include reminders of work anniversaries and birthdays. In a world that is highly competitive, it is important to consistently nurture relationships and strengthen them. Building strong relationships within your network will yield referrals for your law firm.

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IFTTT works with over 235 different social channels including Evernote, WordPress, LinkedIn, Google Drive and Facebook. Instead of manually posting to individual social networks, IFTTT allows you to create a recipe for various social channels. For example, if you post a video to your YouTube channel, you can have it automatically post to your Facebook page. It also allows you to aggregate content. Let’s say that you find articles that are useful. You can set up a recipe to have the article save as a draft to your WordPress blog and edit it later.

RINGR is an iOS app that allows you to conduct interviews via your phone and record them. It can be used for a podcast, article or dictation for a book. If other parties are involved, make sure you disclose that the interview or phone call is being recorded.

BuzzSumo is a tool that you can use to determine what type of content in your practice area is popular. In order to segment your content for LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+, you can sort your search results by most shared. You can also search by specific domains and compare two domains side-by-side to learn more about the social media sharing behavior of your competitors. It also gives you data on which days of the week has a higher level of social sharing. If you sign up for the paid version of BuzzSumo, you can also set up alerts on particular keyword phrases.

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Canva: If your law firm does not have an in-house graphic designer, you can use Canva to design custom images for presentations, social media and more. Canva is a free tool that allows you to create custom images and text for business cards, brochures, social media posts and almost anything else that would require Photoshop. If you choose to download one of their images that are not free, they are currently a dollar per image.

Canva has a step-by-step video tutorial library and custom sized layouts that are ideal for your specific project.

Buffer is a social media posting app that increases fan engagement and streamlines the social media posting process by allowing you to schedule and post content to multiple social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter without having to manually post to each channel. Furthermore, it has an extension you can download to your desktop and when you come across useful content that you want to share, you can simply click on the extension logo and it will auto-populate the link to the article.

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CoSchedule is a paid WordPress plugin that enables you to strategically plan, schedule and promote your blog post content to social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You can also integrate CoSchedule with Buffer. The best part about this plugin is that it gives you insightful analytics to view your shares and ranks your posts based on engagement. It also has a very powerful calendar feature that shows you engagement posts within a calendar format.

Join.Me is a free screen sharing, online meeting and team collaboration tool that has one click scheduling. Within seconds, it allows you to host a professional online meeting where you can share your screen and collaborate on cases with colleagues or clients. The ease of use is what I love the most – within 30 seconds you can be connected in an online meeting. Dimple Dang

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