Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer on Six Things to Know about Car Accident Law

Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer
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Having a car accident can be a daunting experience. As you will most probably know, a number of matters can quickly become a legal matter after you have had a car accident. If you happen to be injured after a car accident, it is best that you are as informed as you can be on what is best to do, including what claims are best to make and how exactly to go about making them should you not have been at fault. Have a look at a Vancouver personal injury lawyer with Tim Louis Law should you have been involved in an accident!

Always make sure that the lawyer you have hired has your personal injury case at the forefront of their mind. This should be remembered since, due to the nature of car accidents, any one lawyer can be dealing with a number of or even hundreds of cases that are very similar to yours at the same time. In order to achieve this, make sure that you maintain the regular and relevant communication with your personal injury lawyer in order to make sure that they are constantly aware that you are interested in pursuing your case, as well as to ensure that you achieve or at least get as close to achieving your desired outcome as you possibly can!

First of all, it is essential that the steps that you take immediately after you have had the car accident are the correct ones. You should make sure that you tell your insurer of the accident, as many insurers like to know as soon as possible and also have a policy in place that requires you tell them in a certain amount of time should you wish to receive compensation or a pay-out of any sort from them. It is also important that you check yourself at this point to establish whether or not you have suffered from any injuries, no matter how large or how small. At this point, should you wish to make a claim for the injuries that you have suffered in the medical treatment so you will require as a result of your injuries, it is important that you contact a reputable law firm that are well-known and we’ll reviewed for dealing with car accident cases – such as a road traffic lawyer. Contacting an experienced firm is never a bad idea – they will always have your best interests in mind as opposed to wanting to obtain you the smallest amount of money for your troubles.

The next important point to consider is the point at which you choose to involve the police. Whether you’re at fault or you’re not at fault, it is important that the police or a professional legal team are involved. Say for example you are not at fault and someone has run into you causing you either an injury or damage to your vehicle and they are not willing to provide you with their personal and insurance details, the police will ensure that you obtain these from the other party. The police can also act as another witness to the scene, and resultantly may be able to help you considerably in the event that you have to make a claim against the other party – they could act as your witness if they were there at the correct time. They are only going to be there at the correct time if you called them immediately after the accident has happened. In the event that the accident is small and minor, and you do not feel that police involvement is necessary – it is essential that you take as many pictures of the event as possible and try your best to put into pictures how exactly the accident took place. If the accident were to end up being more than you thought it might in terms of the law or claims, all of these pictures could help your side of the case quite considerably.

Work out as soon as you possibly can whether or not you can claim for your car accident, should you want to make a claim. In order to do this, you should speak with a solicitor or a representative from a legal firm that will most likely be able to provide you with advice free of charge, before you make the decision on taking on any of their services.

Always keep evidence that is paramount to the success of your side of the case. In the event that you have been in and unfortunately serious car accident, you should not jump straight to conclusions and start making claims here there and everywhere. It is essential that you gather the appropriate evidence that will be required in order to support the claim that you wish to make. Make sure that when you are taking pictures of the scene, that the scene is exactly as it was right after the crash happened. Also, write statements and make notes of exactly what happened at the scene of the crash and make sure that the other party, whether they were at fault or not, signed this statement to confirm that what you’re saying is correct and that they agree with it. Write down every single small bit of evidence, whether or not you consider it to be irrelevant or not – right down to how well the scene was lit for example.

Do not believe that you can handle the case yourself without professional legal assistance. A lot of the time, should you be making a claim from or against an insurance company, it will be in the best interest of the insurance company and question to pay out as a little to you as they possibly can. A lawyer has the opposite goals – they want to get you as much money as possible and that you are entitled to. Lawyers are extremely experienced when dealing with car insurance companies following major car accidents, particularly those that specialise in road traffic law and road traffic accidents! Whether or not you win or lose your case, a professional lawyer will have put you at a better chance of a win regardless.

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