What are the Requirements for a U.S. Fiancé Visa?

Fiancé Visa
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You have met the love of your life and you want to marry them. Unfortunately, your betrothed is not an American citizen. You want your friends and family to be present on your wedding day and it would be awfully expensive to fly them overseas and you want your Fiancé to be in America to help plan the wedding. You need a U.S. Fiancé Visa.

What is a U.S. Fiancé  Visa?

A U.S. Fiancé Visa (K-1)  is given to the fiancé of a U.S. citizen to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage. The nuptials must take place within 90 days of the foreigner’s entry into the country. If they are not married within 90 days, the person who is not a citizen must leave the country.

Process for Obtaining Fiancé Visa

Certain requirements must be met for obtaining a Fiancé visa. The person who is a U.S. citizen must be the one to apply for a visa. No matter how appealing someone may seem on social media or a dating app, you must have met in person and you must both be free to marry. You must also have enough income to marry. The amount of income you must have to qualify will depend on varying factors. They will determine the amount based on your home state, if there are any children involved and if you are in the military.

Once the petition has been submitted, it will take about four to six months to be approved by the National Visa Service. The NVS will send it to the U.S. Embassy in the country that the immigrating party is from. The embassy will then schedule an interview with each of you, where you will answer questions about your relationship. You must have a medical exam prior to the interview. Embassy processing normally takes about a month and a half.

Process for Obtaining Marriage Green Card

Once you are married, you can apply for a conditional marital visa. A conditional visa requires the U.S. citizen in the relationship to fill out an I-130 form. You will turn the form in with your marriage license and other forms of supporting evidence. Other evidence may include joint bank account records, shared bills, and receipts from trips. The conditional visa will be good for two years after which you must obtain a permanent green card. If you do not get a permanent green card, you will have to leave the country.

Finding an attorney

It is important to find an attorney who is not only well versed in immigration law but well versed in immigration law in your state. The Law Offices of Lemuel A Carlos can assist you and your spouse with every step of the immigration process.

What your Attorney Needs to Know

Your attorney will need to know all the same things that an immigration officer would. They will need to know the details of your meeting, marriage, and relationship. They will need to see all the documentation that you will provide and have provided to the immigration office.

You and your fiancé are looking to have a long and happy life together, so don’t let the paperwork trip you up.

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