What Clients Look For: How to Be the Best Personal Injury Attorney

best personal injury attorney

Being the best personal injury attorney isn’t easy. What is even harder? Showing other people that you are the best!

It would be nice if you could get inside your potential client’s minds so you could figure out what they want. We can’t help you get inside their minds but we can help you figure out how they pick their attorney.

Continue reading to find out how people are picking and how you can position yourself as the right choice.

How People Pick the Best Personal Injury Attorney

You might think that picking great attorneys like OKC pedestrian accident lawyers is all about professional credentials but that isn’t the case. Keep reading and you’ll see what we mean.

Testimonials, Reviews & References

People listen to other people. Word of mouth advertising is one of the most powerful forms of advertising and you can do it for yourself in the form of testimonials on your website.

You also need to ask past clients to help you out by writing reviews for your practice. You should even have a handful of very thankful clients that would be glad to speak with other potential clients and give their own reference.


If people speak with you on the phone and they don’t like you, you most likely won’t get hired. Even if you are highly qualified, people don’t like working with people they don’t like.

Make sure to smile when your assistant transfers the call to you and tell them to have a good day when you hang up. While you might only be thinking about helping them get their big win, they also want you to think about their emotions as well.

Experience At Trials

In case their case goes to trial, they want to make sure you have experience. Get as much experience as possible and make sure to note if you’ve won a lot of cases. People love working with winners.

If you don’t have trial experience, you should do your best to get some since this is a large factor that plays into whether someone will trust you with their lawsuit.

Thought Leadership

People trust people that they see as an authority in a given field. Write the book, host the podcast and anything else you feel empowered to do.

When you position yourself as a thought leader in the space and can showcase your expertise, people are much more likely to trust you. Not only will they trust you but they may even be a little starstruck and want to work with you because you’re the celebrity attorney.

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Now you know how people pick the best personal injury attorney. I am sure you’ve gotten some great ideas about how you can improve parts of your practice and marketing strategies to get better results.

Now you can learn even more on our blog so make sure to start reading more today.

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