What Does a Law Firm Have To Do To Stay Relevant in Online Searches?

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That is more than the $64,000 question! With the many changes in search engine analytics that determine who should be “brought up” in search results when a person looks for something online, a law firm must stay ahead of the curve when it comes to maintaining its strength in relevant searches.

Relevancy and trust are two main factors that King Google looks for in order to maintain an excellent search experience for its users. Gone are the days in which a law firm can simply outbid a competitor – locally or nationally – to obtain the top spot in a search result page. It is important for any law firm to realize that there is so much more in gaining the top spots in results during any online search.

Besides the bid amount [determined by the landscape of the Internet and the law firm itself], website relevancy, mobile friendly sites that accompany the main desktop/laptop version, keyword management, negative keyword management, title tags, landing pages, pictures with titles and last but certainly not least your Google ad rank score or quality score all play an important part of your firm being seen near the top of the page over your law firm’s competition. In fact, it is the latter, the Google quality score that is mostly responsible for where your law firm actually comes up in search results and their accompanied pages.

Law firms must realize that they themselves may not have the time to devote to stay on top of constant changes in the online search arena. Once a law firm understands that they need an expert to guide them along the way, then that law firm will be on their way to a much better experience with quality leads that lead to quality conversions of new clients and new business.

To understand if your law firm currently has what it takes to compete and succeed in the Internet arena, answer the following questions. Remember, your law firm’s website is the key to open the search engine door!

What do you want your potential clients to see when they visit your website?

  1. When you search for your law firm online using some relevant keywords, where do you currently rank?
  2. Have you asked yourself what you want your website to do?
  3. Is your website mobile friendly?
  4. When was your present website developed?
  5. When was your present website last updated?
  6. How easy is it for someone to navigate within your website?
  7. Are there pop ups that would deter the viewer of your site and possible send them elsewhere?
  8. Does each page in your website have the appropriate title tag?
  9. Have you created individual landing pages relevant to the search?
  10. Is your background graphic on your site too powerful, thus lessening the readability of your website?
  11. How much does your law firm participate in social media?
  12. What do clients or potential clients say about your website?
  13. Is your website primed to get quality conversions?

In summary, your law firm needs to assess the success of its website and how relevant it is to any and all searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other top search engines. Answer the questions detailed above and assess your answers. Do you see and any gaps that might be limiting your law firm in coming up consistently in online searches?

Once you have done so then your firm may be on its way to improving your rank in Internet searches across the board. Remember, once you have assessed your law firm’s presence or non-presence regarding Internet search results, hire an expert that can lead you in the right direction and maintain your firm as relevant in Google’s eyes. Kevin Bonura

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