What is the Most Common Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders love their bikes for many different reasons. From the sense of freedom, to the sense of speed, not to mention that traffic jams are a thing of the past. There are lots of reasons why motorcycles are great, but as every rider knows, they can be more dangerous as well. That sense of freedom also means that the rider is unprotected in the event of an accident. The only protection they have is their helmet. That is no doubt why every mother expresses fear and concern when their child decides to take up motorcycle riding.

But bikes can be just as safe as any other vehicle on the road as long as the rider is careful and other drivers are cognizant of their surroundings. Nonetheless, accidents do happen and if that accident was caused by someone else, then you need to call a personal injury attorney that has experience with motorcycle accidents. They will make sure that you get the compensation you need to take care of your medical bills, repair bills, and other expenses.

The Most Common Types and Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

While there are some cases where the motorcycle rider is at fault for their accident, drivers of larger vehicles are often to blame for causing an accident. That is usually because they are not paying attention to the motorcyclist and subsequently make a manoeuvre without realizing that the rider is close to them. Failure to notice that a motorcyclist is nearby is the most common reason for the following types of accidents:

Cars Making Left Hand Turns – This might seem innocuous but it presents the greatest danger to bike riders. In fact, nearly half of all motorcycle accidents are a result of this. These types of accidents typically occur when the car makes a left turn while the rider is driving through an intersection, overtaking the car, for passing the car. When such an accident happens, the car making the left turn is nearly always found to be at fault.

Lane Splitting – One of the reasons many people love motorcycles is that they can ride between vehicles in slow-moving or stopped traffic. This is called lane splitting and while it is convenient, it can also be dangerous. That is because cars will sometimes attempt to change lanes without realizing that a motorcycle is in their way. Fault in this type of accident is determined by whether or not lane splitting is legal in that state, as well as by the actions of the driver and rider before the accident happened.

Head-on Collisions – This type of motorcycle accident is the most dangerous and the most fatal for riders and it is not hard to see why. When a motorcycle hits a car head on, the rider will likely get thrown off the bike at great speed, which can lead to a variety of life-threatening injuries. The best way to avoid this is to ride on the right, which means staying in the right hand lane or staying on the right side of the lane. That will give riders a wide berth of oncoming traffic.

Distracted Drivers – Distracted driving is bad for everyone, but it is particularly bad for motorcycle riders because the distracted driver is likely to do more damage to the rider and their motorcycle than they would to the driver of a car.

Road Hazards – This could be anything from potholes to wet roads, roadkill, or random debris. If a rider drives over the hazard, then their bike could become unstable, which could send it careening out of control.

Speeding – This can be dangerous in any vehicle but it is especially dangerous with bikes. That is because they are at greater risk of losing control at high speeds. And the injury risks for a rider who loses control of their bike at high speeds are very high and very serious.

Riding While Intoxicated – Operating any kind of vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is always a bad idea, but it’s an even worse idea when riding a bike. That is because the risks of getting into an accident are far greater and the possible consequences of an accident are much worse for a motorcycle rider than they are for someone driving a car.

Stay Safe On The Roads

It is up to motorcycle riders to be safe and responsible on the roads. As liberating as riding a bike can be, you should try not to get out of control and keep your passion for riding in check. That is because the roads are more dangerous for motorcycles than they are for other vehicles. So follow the rules of the road in order to stay as safe as possible.

Not only will that keep you safe, but if you are unfortunate enough to get in an accident, then it less likely that you will be found to be at fault. That means you stand a better chance of getting the compensation you need to cover any hospital bills, repair bills, and other expenses. You stand an even better chance of getting that compensation if you hire a motorcycle accident attorney to help you. But if you ride safe, then hopefully you will never need one.

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