What Should I Do When I’ve Been Involved in a Bus Accident?

involved in a bus accident

Bus accidents, as a rule, are far more traumatic than other kinds of vehicle collisions. In addition to being larger than other vehicles, they also contain multiple passengers. When a bus is involved in an accident, there are often many people injured. Many bus crashes happen in NYC and they are often fatal. There are a few important steps to take when you have been involved in a bus accident.

What to do at the Scene

If you are a passenger on a bus that has been in a collision, get off the vehicle as soon as you can, as the tank may explode. Whenever you are involved in any kind of accident with injuries, it is important to call the police and stay at the scene until an officer arrives. Get the names of any witnesses and take pictures of the crash. Never admit to guilt even if you think the crash was your fault. Always make sure to request a copy of the police report.

People who have been injured in bus accidents are generally taken to the hospital right away. Even if you feel that you are okay, it is important to seek medical attention. Some injuries are not immediately apparent and you may not feel anything for weeks or even months. An insurance company may try to deny payment and say that certain injuries were not the result of your accident.

Information the Insurance Company Will Need

Be sure to call your insurance company and report the incident to them. New York is a no-fault state, which means that your own insurance company is responsible for paying your accident-related bills.

You should save a copy of every medical bill you have, including bills from physical therapy and alternative treatments. Make sure to keep the receipts from all medications that you take, both prescription and over the counter. Have the HR department of your company document all of the time that you have missed from work.

If you have missed any important life events, you should document those as well. There are some circumstances in which you may be able to recover funds that are related to those events.

Once you have sent in the documentation of your expenses to the insurance company, they will either accept or deny the claim and make you an offer. It is important to consult with an attorney before you accept their offer.

What an Attorney can do for you

A professional personal injury attorney can negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf. They will also know exactly what research to do in your particular case. Although New York is a no-fault state, there are some cases in which you can sue a corporation if its employee has caused a crash. For example, if the driver was not properly trained or licensed, you may want to consult with your attorney. Click here for more information.

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