When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Being involved in a criminal matter can be a difficult prospect to face. Such events are often fraught with stress and emotions that run at epic levels. A Kansas City criminal defense attorney who is worth their salt is who you deserve, no matter the type of criminal matter in which you are involved. Any previous involvement in the criminal system does not negate your need for a defense team who will fight for your rights. That is what our criminal defense team in Kansas City, Missouri is truly all about.

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Missouri is known for many things: the Gateway Arch, the National World War I Museum and Memorial, and of course, it’s beloved Cardinals. Missouri is also known however for its dedication to the law and adherence to fair and impartial treatment of its residents. The Show Me State takes its treatment of those involved in criminal matters, whether felonies or misdemeanors, seriously, sensitively, and equitably.

Crime Classifications

There are two basic types of crimes that Kansas City defense lawyers can help you navigate, felonies and misdemeanors.


Felonious crimes are considered the most serious and severe of all crimes perpetrated and are punishable by law accordingly. This criminal category includes a range of crimes, from murder to kidnapping, and identity theft involving large sums of money to writing bad checks.

There are five felony classifications that your Kansas City criminal defense lawyer can assist you with. Although this is not a comprehensive list of the types of felonies that fall within each class, examples include:

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  • Class A: Child and elder abuse, certain drug crimes, murder, rape, armed robbery
  • Class B: Burglary, domestic abuse, certain drug offenses, assault
  • Class C: Statutory rape, involuntary manslaughter, possession of child pornography
  • Class D: Resisting arrest, certain forms of disturbing the peace, fraud
  • Class E: Boating while intoxicated, tax evasion, financial breach of confidentiality


Misdemeanors are considered to be less serious crimes, relative to those that are considered to be felonies. While felonies almost always carry penalties that include jail time or the payment of significant fines, misdemeanors often carry fines, probation, or brief periods of jail time.

There are three types of misdemeanor crimes in Kansas City, Missouri that your criminal defense lawyer can assist you with.

Examples of each of these classes include:

  • Class A: Passing checks you cannot cover up to $500, misappropriation and fraudulent use of bank or credit cards
  • Class B: Driving while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other mind-altering substances, criminal trespass
  • Class C: Certain forms of assault, criminal harassment, modification, revision, or forgery of a state ID card, driving with an elevated blood alcohol count (BAC) for the first time

Penalties and Punishments

As you might suspect, felonies and misdemeanors are penalized proportionately to the extent and severity of the crime or crimes committed. While certain misdemeanors carry jail time, felonies almost always do. Your criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City can play a critical role in not only helping you navigate the legal system and your place within it but excessive punishments you may be able to avert.

When It’s Time to Call a Criminal Defense Attorney

Laws are in place in order to protect both the accuser and the accused. None of us want to be on either side of the law, but we must be prepared in case that does happen. KC Defense Counsel can help you sort out your criminal defense concerns, help you maneuver legal waters, and ultimately, get the results that are right for you.

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