When To Call A Lawyer For An Auto Accident

When To Call A Lawyer For An Auto Accident

If you’re involved in an auto accident, there are so many questions to ask, such as ‘Who’s fault was it? Was it mine?’ ‘What’s the damage to my car?’ ‘Who will pay for the damage?’ and many more. Overall, things can get pretty chaotic immediately right after the accident. 

Having attorneys who specialize in auto accidents on your side, especially the team from Accident Attorneys of Southern Nevada, is a delight during this period. They’ll help you traverse the often chaotic and confusing world of auto accident injuries, insurance claims, and settlements. 

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But, when do you exactly need to call for a lawyer for an auto accident?

Should I Call A Lawyer For An Auto Accident or Not? 

Not all auto accidents would need a lawyer. If you’re involved in a minor auto accident–where there’s no insignificant damage to you and your vehicle–then calling a lawyer is not needed. 

A good example of a minor auto accident is when you’re backing up and you accidentally bump another car slightly in a parking lot. Slight bumps usually don’t do damage, and if there’s any damage, chances are they’re very minimal. Also, no one is injured in these kinds of minor auto accidents. 

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For minor auto accidents, you can go directly through your insurance company and opt not to call a lawyer. 

But there are times when an auto accident calls for the need of an experienced lawyer, such as the following: 

  • Serious injuries – If there are serious injuries to you or the other party involved, you’ll want to call an attorney as soon as you can. Auto accidents that cause serious injuries would likely involve surgeries and hospitalization so you can recover properly. 
  • Death – Auto accident that results in the death of the individuals involved in the crash automatically warrants an experienced attorney. 
  • Fault – When both parties involved in the auto accident and the authorities are unable to justify who’s at fault, you should immediately call your lawyer for legal guidance.
  • Inaccurate police report – Inaccurate police reports about the auto accident can severely hurt your insurance claims. If the police report blames you even though the accident was not your fault, call a lawyer to help you and fight your case. 
  • There are other parties involved – Another instance in an auto accident that’ll need you to call a lawyer immediately is if there are injuries to additional parties involved in the crash. These parties can be other cars or pedestrians.
  • Insurance issues – If you or the other party doesn’t have insurance, it’s most likely that the premium has not been paid or the insurance coverage is just way too low. In this case, calling a lawyer can help you with your insurance claims.

Other instances calling a lawyer for an auto accident should be considered, such as: 

  • You’re not sure about your rights.
  • You’re confused about your insurance policy.
  • You’re not sure if your insurer is acting in good faith.
  • You’re stuck with the negotiations in your insurance claims. 
  • You’re involved in an auto accident that resulted from a police pursuit.

Calling A Lawyer For An Auto Accident

Calling an attorney is one of the most important things to do after an auto accident. The car accident lawyer that you’re going to call must be knowledgeable about the auto accident laws and procedural rules that may affect your case. 

Having an attorney on your side is also very helpful, especially if you’re filing your case. Your attorney will give you advice on the statute of limitations, which may prevent you from filing a lawsuit against the driver at-fault. In the US, most states require you to file your lawsuit within two years after the auto accident. If you miss that window, you’ll no longer be able to file your lawsuit.

If you’re unable to file your lawsuit and fight your case on your own because you’re still recovering from the injuries, calling a lawyer is also necessary. Your attorney will file your lawsuit on your behalf and mitigate any possible defenses that the other party might raise during the entire settlement process. And if the other party will not settle with you, your attorney will play a vital role in preparing your case for trial. 

Last but not the least, having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney on your side will even the playing field for you, especially if you’re going against a large insurance company that has a vast number of attorneys and resources on their expense.


The lawyer that’s going to help you when you experienced an auto accident must be willing to look after your best interests. They must advocate for you and be your legal representative in every proceeding so that you’ll be compensated for all your injuries and losses. 

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