When You Need to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Personal injuries encompass many scenarios, leaving victims feeling helpless to get the answers they need. Although every injury undoubtedly does not meet the requirements for legal action, there is often a need for legal intervention when injuries are severe. Knowing when you should call a personal injury lawyer is critical for getting sound legal guidance.

What Is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury is one that arises from another person’s or business’ negligence or intent. People become injured because of assault, dog bites, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more.

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These injuries can be physical, mental, or emotional, and could even involve a person’s reputation. When this injury occurs, getting help from a lawyer in Corpus Christi is critical.

When Should Victims Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Knowing when to call a personal injury lawyer is critical for victims. Most injured victims will find it beneficial to at least consult with a lawyer to find out about their rights and options. If any of the following are true, injured victims should call for a consultation right away.

  • There are extensive injuries and damages.
  • The victim had a hospital stay.
  • An injured party can no longer work.
  • The insurance adjuster denies the claim.
  • More than one party is responsible for the injuries and damages.
  • The injured victim is confused about their rights or the law.

How Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Injured Victims?

The role of a personal injury lawyer is varied and important. Although no outcome can be guaranteed, those who hire an injury lawyer typically end up being awarded a larger compensation package.

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A personal injury lawyer becomes an advocate for the client. Lawyers first work to gather integral evidence that can prove liability in the case. Evidence is of extreme importance, especially if the case heads to court, because the lawyer will need to prove the claims of their injured client.

Lawyers also work to negotiate with insurance companies. Insurance adjusters are notorious for being unfair in claim settlements. They will typically work to reduce the payout as much as possible, protecting the best interests of their company more than the victim’s.

Should the negotiations with the insurance company prove unfruitful, the injury lawyer will guide their client through the court process, in the hopes they can achieve the best outcome.

Do Not Wait Too Long

Each state has its statute of limitations that must be followed with any personal injury case. The average is around two years, but some states only allow one year.

The statute of limitations is the time an injured victim has to file their lawsuit. Once the statute of limitations has passed, the victim no longer has any rights to pursue their claim inside or outside of the confines of the court.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

One of the first things an injured victim should do is to schedule a consultation appointment with the lawyer. This appointment is informative, allowing the victim to discover information on the rights they hold and what they can expect from the process.

With the help of an injury lawyer, pursuing fair compensation is not as stressful. The lawyer will guide their client through every step involved in the process and will work to get a favorable outcome.

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