Why do I Need a Criminal Lawyer in San Antonio?

Why do I need a Criminal Lawyer in San Antonio
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If you’ve been charged with a crime, you’re likely experiencing a good deal of stress and may not know how best to proceed. You are not alone. The fact is that criminal charges have the potential to negatively affect your life into the future and are far too important to leave to chance. Protecting your rights and your legal record is paramount, and the best way to do this is by working closely with an experienced San Antonio criminal lawyer at the Law Office of Patrick Hancock. Yes, there will be legal fees associated with bringing a strong criminal defense, but they are often negligible in relation to what you stand to lose if you’re convicted of a serious crime. If you aren’t sure whether you need a lawyer or not, the following reasons are likely to convince you that you do.

Criminal Lawyers Are Well-Acquainted with the Criminal Justice System

The most obvious reason for hiring a criminal lawyer is because an experienced attorney understands the inner machinations of the judicial system, and you likely do not. Further, even if you are also well acquainted with the law, you are far too close to your own case to impartially defend yourself in accordance with the exacting standards of the law. The legal system can be confusing at the best of times, but an experienced criminal defense attorney understands the intricacies of the law as they relate to your case, and that knowledge is invaluable to bringing your strongest defense. The right criminal lawyer will help demystify the process for you while guiding your case toward its most positive outcome. 

Criminal Lawyers Have Defended Cases Much Like Yours

While every criminal case is unique with its own set of circumstances, seasoned criminal lawyers are experienced in every manner of criminal case, and they’ve defended cases like yours. This means your criminal attorney can help you better understand the charges you’re facing and the likely outcome of your case. While there are never any guarantees when it comes to criminal cases, your attorney will have a solid working knowledge of how your specific charges are usually dealt with in your jurisdiction and what the best negotiation tactics are in your particular situation. 

A Criminal Lawyer Will Carefully Investigate the Details Surrounding Your Case 

By the time you meet with your criminal attorney, a good deal of investigative work will have already taken place – often, the police made their initial investigation before arresting you, and the prosecution may have already performed the investigative work necessary to bring charges against you. In other words, your criminal lawyer has his or her investigative work cut out for him or her, including:


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  • Deciphering all the information related to a charge having been brought against you in the first place
  • Determining exactly why you were charged
  • Looking for anything the police may have misconstrued, misinterpreted, or missed in investigating your case
  • Diving into all pertinent and related information, such as text messages, phone records, posts on social media, pictures and/or videos, and more
  • Discovering and interviewing any witnesses who can provide corroborative testimony or whose testimonies contradict the details of the charges you’re facing

A Criminal Lawyer Will Skillfully Negotiate on Your Behalf 

When it comes to your criminal charges, negotiations are key. The fact is – as mentioned – there are no guarantees for either side when it comes to criminal cases, and both sides are acutely aware of this fact. A skilled criminal lawyer is necessarily an excellent negotiator. This means he or she will employ his or her negotiation skills on your behalf to help hammer out a deal with the prosecution that accommodates your goals. This is not about relenting to the prosecution but, instead, is about forging a sure path forward that protects your rights and your best interests.


Your lawyer will concentrate on creating a narrative based on the facts that highlight the inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case, and that bolsters your innocence. Your criminal lawyer’s stellar negotiation skills can be highly motivating and may convince the prosecution to make a deal in your favor.  

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An Experienced Criminal Lawyer Is Prepared to Go to Trial

While negotiating a favorable deal is an important part of your criminal attorney’s work, this does not mean you should avoid going to court at all costs. Sometimes, it is perfectly appropriate to choose not to make or take a deal and to proceed to trial. You and your experienced criminal lawyer will make this determination together, and if going to trial is the best path forward, your lawyer will be well prepared to do so.  


An experienced criminal lawyer has considerable trial experience and knows how to build your strongest case. This includes understanding the nuances in your jurisdiction, having a solid understanding of the legal technicalities involved, being very well acquainted with your case, and more. Sometimes the best path forward is through a trial, and having an experienced San Antonio criminal lawyer on your side will help ensure that you bring the strongest defense in support of your case.

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