Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

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Navigating the law can be difficult, whether you’re dealing with a speeding ticket, reviewing a contract or navigating a divorce. Sometimes you can handle your situation with a bit of research, but other times it’s necessary to seek outside help. Here are some reasons why you should hire a lawyer.

Expertise in a Specific Field

Most lawyers are specialized in one or more legal practice areas, like family law or business. This can come in handy when navigating specific situations. For example, if you are starting your own business, an attorney trained in business law can help you set up trademarks and copyrights, ensure your company is compliant to the necessary laws and help create contracts for you to use with employees or vendors. This can help your business in the long run by avoiding lawsuits or liability.

Help You Get Better Results in Court

If you are facing a criminal case, a lawyer is always a better option than representing yourself.  Lawyers know how to challenge evidence and have it suppressed, for instance, if evidence was obtained during an illegal search. This could cause your case to be dismissed or your charges to be lowered. For civil cases, lawyers are just as important. Many civil lawyers are only paid after they win your case, meaning you won’t have to pay upfront for the services. Their fees could save you from having to pay out even larger fines in court.

Ensure You Have Correct Paperwork

Attorneys work within the court system regularly and understand protocols that are difficult for the layman to understand. Having improperly filed paperwork could completely derail your case. For example, if you were filing in small claims court, filling out a form incorrectly or turning it in late could have your case thrown out altogether.

You Think Legal Action Is Coming

Sometimes, it’s best to hire a lawyer before you need one! If you are planning on taking legal action against a person, or believe someone is going to take action against you, you should speak to a lawyer right away. This way, you have plenty of time to create a plan and take action without being blindsided.

You Want to Negotiate for the Best Outcome

Having a lawyer on your side can help you figure out the best option for your case, no matter what. There are options other than pleading guilty or admitting fault, and a lawyer can explain all your potential options and outcomes. Lawyers experienced in cases similar to yours will be able to estimate how the trial will proceed, how your evidence will be submitted and what a judge may think of it. 

The Other Side Likely Has a Lawyer, Too

If you’re facing an opposing party in court, whether it’s a civil disagreement or a criminal case, you have to consider that they will have legal representation. You will be at a disadvantage facing a legal team on your own without significant legal knowledge. Opposing counsel could take advantage of your lack of knowledge, so it’s best to have a lawyer on your side.

Try A Free Consultation

Many lawyers will provide a free consultation session before taking on your case, so there’s no harm in meeting with one. A free consultation can give you a chance to meet with a lawyer and discuss your needs before deciding to hire one. This can be helpful, particularly if you’re worried about the costs of a lawyer. You can have a better idea of your case and potential outcome before hiring. You can also work to find ways to lower the costs if that is your concern. Some lawyers work on a sliding scale, others may ask you to do some of your own administrative work – such as finding information or bringing in your necessary documents – as a way to cut costs.

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