Why You Should Spend at Least 2 Hours a Week, Establishing a National Brand

Online Branding
Online Branding

I don’t have a Harvard degree. Or a law degree. Or a college degree. Or a high school diploma. But to this day, I still spend a minimum of 10 hours a week, studying, and 5 hours a week, getting quoted, published etc. You should be too!

Because when people Google your first and last name or go to your bio and see you associated with Success Magazine, Forbes or professional journals like Attorney at Law Magazine, it has a magical effect.

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I don’t market on Facebook because of my niche but I have a small following of about 12,000 Lawyers, CEOs etc on LinkedIn. In my business as with attorneys, that’s where it counts.

But that’s nothing compared to being quoted or published in a business or legal magazine that has millions of subscribers. Plus you get a backlink to your name and company website that lasts on the internet for years, if not longer.

In a sea of faceless attorneys, you will stand out and have 10 times more authority and credibility than your competitors. Clients will view you as more than just another attorney.

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For example: Since 2016, I have built and established a solid brand as the preeminent expert on virtual law firms and remote lawyering. Guess how valuable THAT brand is right now!

What do you want to be known as the expert in? Think about your practice area. How valuable would it be, to be the attorney who is also the published and quoted expert in your field?

How valuable would it be to your personal brand, if you were always the first entry in a Google search and instead of your Facebook and LinkedIn profile, they saw your name listed as a journalist in Tech Magazine or Finance Weekly?

How much easier would it be to close deals?

Plus, your mom will become insufferable bragging to all her neighbors about how you got quoted in Reader’s Digest! 🙂

So HOW do you get quoted, interviewed and published?

That will be the subject of my next article.

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